What can I expect in a tanning salon

Besides expecting a tan, one should expect that while they are checking out the facility and infrastructure within the tanning salon, the working staff is equally keen to enroll you. So definitely expect to be flooded with pictorial and informative brochures, the various modes and procedures, and do ensure that along with the benefits you also read about the risks. Expect to fill a detailed form with a plethora of personal information about you, some quite personal. This may seem out of place but most of it is very important for the tanning salon staff. It is important to even provide details of current medication, if any, as some can be counter-conducive to the indoor tanning exposure. The intent is not just to make you comfortable, but safe too, and that notches up a good expectation from a tanning salon.

The next step to expect is a conducted tour of the facility and the products in use. You should be open to asking as many questions as keep popping in your mind, even if they seem silly. The staff definitely expects this. Check out the tanning beds and the booths. Check out the cleanliness and the hygiene. Ask about the procedures from the moment you enter the tanning salon on each visit. Talk of the safety features and the regulations. Let us be clear that in your mind there already was a whole lot apprehension about what to expect in a tanning salon, and the slight discomfort builds up as you see people within who are all too familiar with everything, while you with the pale skin are certainly standing out like a sore thumb. But don’t forget that everyone inside was in your shoes when they stepped in the very first time. This apprehension once eased will give you a mental stimulus, and the actual process will later prove to be a very physically relaxing UV exposure, literally.

Presuming you are convinced about getting that tanned look, then at your next visit do expect, or ask for, the following. 1) Protective Eyewear- to protect the eyes from the UV Rays. Most tanning salons keep them, whereas some expect the clients to bring their own. 2) Indoor Tanning Lotion- again some salons use a fixed brand, and some clients prefer to use their own. 3) Towel- to cover areas that do not require to be tanned. Once ready with all, just tuck into the tanning bed and relax. Listen to the music. Even take a short nap. The bed shuts off automatically.

How To Choose A Tanning Salon

A very simple question is when are posed with the choice of the tanning salon. After all, the directory lists most of them. But there is naturally much more than this simplistic mode of choice, a choice that concerns you. Yes, location is important as it becomes a time-saving experience, depending on the number of visits planned. So you need to decide whether it should be near the home or the place of work. You also have to check the infrastructure and the facilities of the tanning salon, whether it has sufficient booths and tanning beds, including provision for spray or air-brush tanning. The prices have to be within your comfort level and budget, and whether the salon would offer you a package deal depending on your regular and long-term association.

In choosing a tanning salon, it is worthwhile obtaining a first-hand recommendation from friends or associates who have used a particular facility, as they would be in the best position to inform you about the not just the facility, but also the acumen of the staff and the overall service. You may want to compare with that friend the information you have obtained on the various offer packages available in other tanning salons and negotiate a worth-while package deal. It would be worthwhile taking a walk-through peek of the interiors, even inquiring from some staff member about the sanitation procedure.

You must check if the tanning salon is licensed and has trained staff. It is a state requirement that the staff of tanning salons must be trained and knows how to deal with complications. Tanning at a salon involves using of equipment which can cause burns and other complications, if not used properly. Therefore it is particularly important that the staff is approachable, well trained and pro-active. You do not want to risk your health. Check out the equipment. The tanning beds should be equipped with a timer, and also the tanning salon must give you safety measures like dark glasses to protect your eyes.

If you happen to be new to the area, a first-timer in using the facility, and not having friends who have utilized the services of a tanning salon, we would recommend visiting a branded salon that already has a huge chain of outlets all across. This may be a slightly costly venture, but it provides a good idea of what to expect, which can then be bench-marked when you eventually do venture out to choose a tanning salon that fits your bill. Only if you are satisfied must you pay the membership fee.

Will I Be Comfortable In A Tanning Salon

Will I be comfortable in a tanning salon? Let us first frame this question in other situations. Will I be comfortable sun-bathing on a beach? Am I comfortable under the hair-setter and dryer in a beauty parlor? The situation has been taken from a women’s perspective, as generally the males would gladly go where no man has gone before. And if the ladies respond with an affirmative, then the comfort level is best defined and determined by the individual. This is one place you can wear what you want to, or better, the less worn the better. Be comfortable. Relax. You are going to a place that will enhance your looks, and even the way people look at you.

At the same time, let us assure you that it is very natural to be a bit apprehensive about visiting a facility or utilizing the infrastructure for the very first time. And the apprehension is not just about being uncomfortable in a tanning salon, but also about the acceptance and response on your new look from those who are close. Once inside the facility and seeing the response of the clients or the friendly interaction of the staff, the anxiety level takes a drop. And when you see the happy indulgence with the tanning lotion, then a literal lay-back on the tanning bed, and finally the end result on earlier clients, you may consider kicking yourself for not having considered this option earlier or for just having shied away so long.

Once you have identified and chosen your comfortable tanning salon, there are some pointers that you should be cautious about and ensure their adherence within, by you or the concerned staff. Ensure and do inquire about the method of cleanliness and hygiene, as it is a mass utility public place. Ensure you are provided with a pair of special goggles that protect the eyes from UV Rays and that you have them on when being sprayed with UV Rays. Avoid all quick-tan methods by high exposure or maximum dose of UV light, and instead limit the exposure and break them up into time slots and day durations. If you have extreme sensitive skin, or on any long-term medication, or at that time you are not fit and well, or you have a medical condition like diabetes, asthma, lupus, or if the woman is pregnant, then in all these conditions do first talk to your physician before you check out the comfort level of the tanning salon you have so carefully selected.

How much does it cost to go tanning at a salon?

So, you want to know how much it cost’s to go tanning in a salon. Well, let us put this way. It is not exactly cheap. But again, there are salons that are plain practical, and then there are those that are real hi-fi glitzy. It all comes down to an individual’s budget. At the end of the session in either salon, you would have a tan. That much is guaranteed. .

Most tanning salons work on the ‘level’ system, and the higher levels cost more. But first, to give some example of the involved cost factor, a single session can cost as much as $7, excluding the cost of various lotions, and to get a decent looking tan, you would require at least 5 sessions. We are talking only of the UV Ray tan, though there is the cheaper option of the spray booth. It is advisable to take on a membership, which works both ways. The tanning salon is sure about your patronage, and you may be able to work out a package deal that best suits you. More the sessions you purchase in advance, cheaper is the cost per session. So if you book for five tanning bed sessions in advance, you may be required to pay only $25, excluding lotion cost. That’s a saving of $10.

To know how much it costs to go tanning in a salon, let us check some random examples to get an idea. ‘Membership’ requires filling the membership contract and consent, paying the one-time membership fees of maybe $30 and the one month advance for utility depending on the chosen ‘level’. To again cite an example, a Level-1 may cost $25 per month for just the tanning bed, a Level-2 may cost $40 per month which includes Reflector, Euro and Regular Beds, a Level-3 will cost around $50 per month and include Sfinx, Ellipse, Reflector, Euro and Regular Beds, and a Level-4 costing $100 per month will include High Pressure, Magic Tan, Sfinx, Ellipse, Reflector, Euro and Regular Beds. It all boils down to costs and the ‘works’

So, how much does it really cost to go tanning at a salon? The above example is only indicative, and the purpose is to explain the levels and related modus of costing. The real cost is best worked out by an individual on the need-to basis of facility utilization. If you feel Level-1 is too simple, and Level- 4 is way beyond your budget and facility need, then you may want to opt for Level-2.

How do I go to a tanning salon?

Well, if the temptation is about looking good, you would even walk to a tanning salon. On a serious note, most males and females take efforts to look their best, and if a tan can boost an image, then there is hardly scope for second thoughts. So whenever the question pops in your mind ‘how do I go to a tanning salon’, the answer will follow just as quickly. There are however certain considerations that one does need to delve upon before taking the plunge, and it’s not just about the risk factors. You have to be mentally prepared that you really want that tanned look, because once on, you cannot wish it, or wash it, away.

Once you have decided about going to a tanning salon, know that it is a worthwhile experience considering the quickness and convenience in the entire process. It is literally like walking in and out, but the ‘out’ is with a new radiant you. In fact, the little time-spend inside the tanning salon is quite stress relieving, and a great morale cum confidence motivator. After all, isn’t that what’s ‘looking good’ all about? The time we are talking of may be about 7-10 minutes per sitting in 3-4 days per week. The factor becomes more convincing and enticing when the option is to have a healthy tanned look throughout the year in indoor comfort for which you just have to go to a tanning salon.

No doubt a sun-tan is for free, but do you have that time? Our point here is that going to a tanning salon is easy, but the visit will not exactly be cheap. And if you are a good negotiator, there is a possibility that you could work out some package deal depending on the duration of total sittings and advance payment. The idea is that even looking good has to be workable within your personal budget. Inquire about all the charges, whether for the moisturizer, accelerator, bronzer, and even whether towels and safety-goggles would be provided and are included in the pricing.

Now that you know how to get to a tanning salon, do take time out to check out the infrastructure and facility. Consider the option of utilizing the horizontal booth or the vertical bed. Find out from the staff the recommended prior preparations and time duration. Our personal recommendation is to go slow because a tan cannot be undone overnight. And you do want to look your best, at all times, throughout the year.

Are Tanning Salons Safe

When someone enquirers ‘are tanning salons safe’, one is tempted to respond with ‘as safe as driving on an expressway’. Take that with a pinch of salt. Within limits, they are absolutely safe, though there are many who would tend to disagree. After all, we are talking of inducing something by artificial means involving a high degree of ultra-violet or UV Rays. Some people will tell us that the plexi-glass is not sufficient protection from UV Rays so they penetrate deeper and cause premature wrinkling of skin or even cancer. They would prefer the usage of sunless spray tanners available in stores, or really lather up with oodles of sun-tan solution and head out to an open beach.

The counter-point is that we are talking of obtaining a tanned look in off-season, like when it is pouring or snowing outdoors. The point is that the whole matter became a big issue when a medical report mentioned that sunscreen lotions and oils cause skin cancer, but not about the tanning process. And one actually need not apply the lotions or the bronzers to obtain a tan, whether indoor or outdoor. Let us face it, the sun is also good for the skin within restricted months, and the tanning salons are primarily meant to make you look good throughout the year. If we study the entire process of tanning, the end summary would be that a tanning salon is either as bad, or as good, as the natural sun. With questions on the limitation of the sun exposure that a body can actually take, we come back to ‘are tanning salons safe’.

To take the question ‘are tanning salons safe’ further, we will need to delve more on the safety within the confines of the salon rather than compare it with the outdoor sun exposure. Let us know that the average salon has variable facilities and booths that afford a good degree of privacy, with the option of lying down, standing, or even getting the desired tan in the buff. The range of solutions is vast and as the salon staff is familiar with the various skin-types, they usually assist in the selection. This is important as the right solution accelerates the tan while preventing any skin burn. Goggles in any salon are mandatory equipment as lengthy and regular exposure to the UV Rays can be harmful to the cornea. The main reason to conclude tanning salons as safe is that they follow a controlled procedure and provide proper supervision by professionals.

What is proper tanning salon etiquette?

Why do we need to talk of poise, decorum, or etiquette while dining out? Simple. It’s a public place and some proper norms are required to be followed. Some of this applies to a salon too, as it definitely is a high frequented public place, and we will only reflect ourselves as wiser if we know the proper tanning salon etiquette.

But before we define the etiquettes here, let us know that most tanning salons do display prominently their own defined rules and regulation, or the dos and don’ts, which serve as some guideline for the patrons. It is always advisable to go through this list quite thoroughly, even on the first day when you have just gone to survey the place. At least, you are then more familiar with not just what you want, but also about what they expect from you. A good reading through those guidelines will tell a lot about the place, its services, the overall atmosphere, and the employee competency. When you top that up with a conducted tour after reading their guidelines, it helps identify to store most of those regulations in your own mind.

Now, a peek into what would be proper tanning salon etiquette from your perspective. The first thing that comes to mind is adherence of time. If the salon works on the system of advance booking, then ensure you are well before time and come with the initial preparation. There is no dress code in a tanning salon, so take advantage by coming in the minimum clothes to save time un-dressing and later dressing, and do definitely leave all your valuables behind. Women especially take a lot of time with their jewelry.

The moment your session is over, do clean-up a bit if you have made more than expected mess, even if there is an employee to handle the cleaning and disinfecting. It just gives a better impression about you, and then the staff too begins to talk positively about you amongst themselves. Their smile will tell it all. Most important, do get ready to move out quickly from the booth otherwise you would be holding up someone. If you hate to be kept waiting, so do the others. If you need to look presentable, skip the mirror in the booth which is there to help you check the level of your tan, and instead head for the washroom where you can take all the time you comfortably desire. Proper etiquette does place you on a different level, people-to-people.

Should I Go To A Tanning Salon

The best way to obtain the right answer is to experience it first-hand. It’s like asking a woman why she visits a beauty salon when she is already very beautiful. In the same mode, should you go to a tanning salon becomes an equally personal requirement, as the idea is to look healthy and glowing within the shortest time possible. Psychologically, it has been proved that looking good is a positive motivator, a confidence booster, and a stress buster. Both male and female would therefore benefit from a visit to a tanning salon to obtain that glowing skin throughout the year, come rain or snow.

Before deciding on whether you should visit a tanning salon, do ensure that you are not on any specific medication or have a fever at that time, as the ultra-violet rays (UV Rays) can then create some adverse side-effects, besides increasing the risk of sun-burn. Let us face it, the tanning bed or the booth in a salon can get pretty warm, and one certainly would not plan a beach-trip either during any illness. And in the rare case that you do have a family history of skin cancer, or have a hyper-sensitive skin, then it would be advisable to reconfirm your visit after consulting or taking the advice of your doctor.

Once you have decided that you should go to a tanning salon, then do ensure that you first exfoliate the skin by creams or by bath puffs. Also use a good moisturizing cream but minus the sun-screen. This pre-measure helps in obtaining an even tan. Definitely avoid any astringents especially with an alcohol base, as they tend to dry up the skin and the tan is less visible as the UV Rays get deflected. Judging by the texture and color of your skin, the staff within will be able to recommend the number of visits and the duration in each visit to obtain that perfect tan.

It is always wise to know before hand that obtaining the quick tan is really not worthwhile unless you require that tanned look for a specific short purpose. Be prepared to get the desired tan by dividing the duration of each visit. It is but natural that a light or a pale skin tone would require more visits to the salon. So, now that we are back to the question on whether you should go to a tanning salon, our answer would definitely be a ‘yes’. After all, you have nothing to lose, and only gain a glowing tan.

Can I Go To A Tanning Salon When Pregnant

Let us be clear that when we talk of going to a tanning salon during pregnancy, we are not deliberating on the glow of your skin, but on the possible side-effects to the unborn.

While some physicians reject the ‘exposure’ outright, be it within a salon or by the sun, others recommend exercising caution. The latter is because there are no confirmed medical reports or any scientific back-up to indicate that the rays are harmful to the unborn child. Most physicians drive the point hard with a would-be mother by telling her that she did not require a tan when she herself was in the womb, therefore her baby would not require it in her womb either. For you it is important to know that many civic bodies have passed a law against obtaining tanning during pregnancy, and there are salons that reject the client to avoid any legal fallout resulting in liability.

It is always practical and advisable to consult your physician before you plan to go to a tanning salon during pregnancy. Your physician may even give the go-ahead after running some tests. Despite the fact that there is no conclusive proof that the warmth of the tanning beds and the exposure to the UV Ray are not harmful to the developing foetus, but the sudden change in the pregnant woman is detrimental, especially during the first and third trimester. If one could skip that tanned look during those six months of the pregnancy, one can easily skip the balance three too. The hormonal changes during the pregnancy are itself a harbinger of an uneven tan, along with dark brown patches called ‘melasma’. Weighing the hardly existent pros and the dominant cons, we would not recommend going to a tanning salon when pregnant for obtaining a tan using the prevalent UV Rays.

But women desirous of that tanned look over an already glowing skin can take some respite from the fact that there are available some safe options. Most salons have the spray-on booths called the ‘mystic’ or the ‘versa’ spa, and these give a superb tanned look to the skin provided it is properly pre-conditioned and exfoliated. The other option is the application of the self-tanner which is at least safe for the expectant mother and the unborn baby. So in the end we do not change our recommendation but instead restrict it to a limited visit to a tanning salon during pregnancy. We do recommend avoiding the warm beds so that the tan is minus the UV Ray exposure, and only within the spray-booths.

How do I get the best tan from a tanning salon?

Now, when you visit any establishment where you pay quite a high charge for the service, you would naturally want the best. So there is just no bias in asking ‘how do I get the best tan from a tanning salon?’ First of course, you need to know everything that the tanning salon does have for offer, and whether you have familiarized yourself with their infrastructure and got the best deal that matches your defined budget. Take a second look at the family history on skin cancer, also on how pale is your skin compared to ‘normal’, and whether your skin is hyper-sensitive. The staff will definitely need to know whether you are on any medication. Now just select whether you prefer the upright booth or the prone one.

Before stepping into the tanning salon, ensure that the skin is exfoliated and properly moisturized (minus sun-screens) with the right lotions. Avoid any astringents or any alcohol-based products. Ensure that you know your pre-determined schedule days and timings. And when you step into a booth, ensure you have on the safety-goggles before you get the dose of the UV Rays. By having done the groundwork and cross-checks prior to the process, you can try and ensure not just the best tan, but a safe tan too.

To get the best tan from the tanning salon, it is equally important that the staff within are attentive to the details of each customer to avoid any ‘unforeseen’ circumstance. Having chosen your desired booth, the staff must ensure availability during your appointed day and time. It is equally important that you do not miss a session that will reverse some of the effect of the previous one, and the next one may turn out to be a catch-up session instead of moving-ahead. Understand that once inside, it is your preparation that ultimately decides the outcome of the preferential tan. While agreeing that tanning lotions and moisturizers are costly, we advise you to be liberal with their application. After all, they not only ensure an even tan, but also protect the skin from the ultra-violet rays.

The important aspect of getting the best tan from a tanning salon is to not consider yourself as the ‘expert’ just because you read this or some other article. If in doubt on any aspect of the tanning process or if not quite as comfortable, then definitely consult the staff members of the tanning salon. They had determined the degree of the exposure, and they know best how to give you the best.

What is Spraying Tanning

Tanning the natural way is by exposing the skin to sun rays that have harmful ultraviolet radiations that are responsible for the tanning of the skin.

Ultraviolet radiations are known to cause skin irritations and skin cancer because of which artificial tanning of the skin using lotions, gels, sprays etc has become more popular these days. There are different methods of artificial tanning of skin. Some of the most widely employed tanning procedures involve tanning using tan lotions, tanning using sprays, tanning using hormone replacement therapies etc.

Tanning is a procedure that is widely used in areas where the climate is cold or rainy throughout the year. Tanned look is something that’s helps to boost the morale of few people in the western countries. It is now gaining importance throughout and has become a fashion icon these days.

Spray tanning is considered to be the easiest and safest method of tanning since it does not involve exposure to ultraviolet radiations and still gives the desired effect of tanning without any troubles.

There are advantages of spray tanning when compared to other artificial tanning procedures like using a lotion etc, since when using a lotion care has to be taken that the lotion is applied evenly and uniformly so that you get the perfect tanned look. But in case of spray tanning, this becomes easier since application by spray is easier and more uniform when compared to other, methods that are employed for artificial tanning of the skin.

The other advantage of spray tanning over other tanning procedures is that spray tans dry quickly thereby it is a safe and time saving procedure when compared to other procedures that take more time of a person since the lotions and all has to get dried thoroughly before one wears the clothing. In case of a hurry where the individual would want to tan his skin and get dressed immediately the other types of tanning may fall aside because of the mentioned drawbacks.

There are professional tanning salons that do this kind of spray tanning to help individuals get the perfect desired tanned look without much inconvenience.

There is professional air brushing or spray tanning booths where they provide assistance when an individual undertakes spray tanning. The experts help individuals in getting the desired amount of tan and also help them by commenting on whether the tan is evenly applied or not. When it comes to areas like back which an individual may not feel comfortable to spray tan himself there comes the expertise, guidance and helps that helps you make your skin look even from top to bottom covering the back areas too.

It is very important to use a moisturizer before going for a spray tan since that would help the skin to retain its glow even after the tanning procedure is done and as a result the skin looks healthy and glows. Spray tans usually are retained till a week after which a second sitting is to be done if you feel that you need the tanned look for a longer time.

The additional advantage of spray tan is that it is a very safe procedure where the skin of an individual is not exposed to harmful radiations that are known to cause a variety of skin related ailments.

The procedure in tanning salons is very simple where you have to enter a dressing room kind of room and undress yourself. The hair has to be covered using a cap and then a button has to be pressed that would spray the tanning liquid evenly onto your body to get the desired result. The procedure in a professional salon ranges from 15-30 seconds. Imagine getting that longed tanned look in just few seconds! Once the front portion of the body is done the same has to be repeated for the backside so that you get an even tan at the back.

After the procedure just allow it to dry for few seconds and there you get the perfect tanned glow and look in just few minutes and you can get ready to go and bash any party or even to your office with a completely changed look to shock your colleagues.

So what are you waiting for?? Interested to get a perfect tanned look? Look out for tanning salons near to you and get your body the feel of a good, nourished and moisturized skin with a perfect tanned look and the glow that would last for a couple of days to a week.

Happy tanning!!!!

History of Tanning

Tanning is a procedure by which the skin becomes dark or gets a tanned or bronzy look due to excess exposure to the sun. This effect is basically due to the ultraviolet radiations that tend to increase the secretion of a pigment called melanin that aids in a darker skin.

If we go back to history, we can see that people were fonder of whitening their skin for which in ancient times white paints or chalk powders were used. People used to cover themselves thoroughly with full sleeved dresses and long scarves so as to retain their natural whiteness and avoid darkening due to exposure to sunlight.

Anyone darker or with a slightly darker complexion was considered to be of a lower class just because of the dark look. This was the main reason why people used to try and maintain their complexion lighter or would try and use artificial lighteners to make their complexion look lighter.

The tanning which is today a very popular procedure and a style icon used by numerous people was discovered accidentally.

In the early 1920’s there was French designer who had been for a long tour to different countries for her work. On return from her tour that involved her travel from Paris to Cannes, people realized that she had altogether come with a different look and soon people started liking the new look of hers.

Later it was discovered that the tan which her skin had got due to excessive exposure to the sun during her travel had brought about the difference in her skin. This tanned look was liked by one and all and soon tanning became a trend and people started trying out sunbathing and beach bathing as a procedure to get them tanned.

After the accidental discovery of tanned skin, it then became a popular sport kind of thing to bake their bodies in sun and have a wonderful holiday just baking their skins at the beach to get the desired tanned look.

At a later stage when fashion began growing more popular so did tanning become more popular. With the bikinis and swimsuits gaining more place in fashion, tanning also started receiving a special place in the field of fashion. The concept of all- tanned body came into existence where people started tanning their entire body to get a sensuous tanned look.

With the increasing demand for tanning, slowly the market came out with artificial tanning ingredients like lotions, gels, sprays and even pills. In spite of all these products in the market, tanning was a popular event that was restricted to summer since people believed that the natural way to tan was much healthier and safer alternative rather than using artificial tanning lotions.

Later in the eighties, when tanning had gained enough popularity, lot of tanning spas and salons came into existence. The salons guaranteed a natural tanned look in just few sittings ion a tan bed, which slowly started gaining acceptance among the core consumers. This way from the early 1920’s tanning slowly started growing as a huge market and by the eighties there were many salons that were into the business of tanning.

As the eighties ended and the nineties came closer, tanning had taken a big chunk of place in the market and there were enormous number of tanning salons offering artificial tanning using different procedures that would be suitable to different types of skin. Also in the nineties awareness about the health hazards caused due to excessive exposure of skin to sun came into limelight and hence people started preferring artificial or indoor tanning as it is called to be a better alternative to the traditional method of sun tanning.

Soon other benefits in indoor tanning were discovered like the balance of moisture in the skin that is lost when the skin is exposed to the sun for a longer duration and the natural glow that is lost when exposed to sun. Thus indoor tanning became and is still today more popular in countries where the climate is always colder.
Not only this with the advent of new technologies developing continuously, the duration for tanning has considerably reduced from few sessions to few seconds in today’s busy and fast moving world.

With the craze of fashion that is there in today’s generation, it is sure that the concepts of fashion like tanning and other new fashion icons will be well accepted in the market and will continue to grow without slowing down.

Tanning bed safety

All of us want a gorgeous bronzed tan. It looks wonderful and gives the skin a healthy glow. A convenient way to achieve that look is to use a tanning bed. It is an easy and fast way to get a tan. A lot has been said about the harmful effects of using tanning beds. As is true with any kind of scientific benefit, it comes with an inherent rider. We need to use tanning beds sensibly, and with all the precautionary care we would take to use any treatment or medicine.

Tanning beds area simple option to getting a tan. They also help people suffering from vitamin D deficiency by stimulating the production of this vitamin by the body. Doctors often advise people suffering from SAD and mood disorders to use tanning beds especially in countries that do not have long sunny days. They are the fastest way known to mankind to get a tan. You can get a tan by using a tanning bed for ten or twelve minutes at a local tanning salon. This fits easily into the schedule of any busy person. Moreover it is safer than sunlight which is known to have harmful UV rays.

Tanning bed manufacturers would like us to believe that they are completely safe. This is not completely true. The earlier generation beds were very harmful as they emitted UV rays which were much stronger than the sun. However the modern day beds are less harmful. As a general rule it is advisable to take all the precautions and use these simple guidelines.

• Choose your tanning bed with care
Your tan depends on the choice of bed and so does your health. There are so many tanning beds available in the market and there are so many salons. Do your research. Talk to the personnel working at tanning salons. Check out the services and the advice they offer. They will be able to advise you on your skin type, the type of tanning bed you need and any precautions you need to take. Make an informed decision. Your health depends on it.

• Use the best tanning lotions.
The tanning lotion you use regulates the amount of UVA and UVB that hits your body. This in turn regulates the health of your skin. Use a good quality tanning lotion which has some kind of a built in moisturiser. These days many hydrating lotions are supplied by tanning salons that keep your skin moisturized and supple. UV rays being emitted by tanning beds can leach away the moisture from your skin. At the very least it can age your skin and at the worst, it can cause skin cancer. So exercise great care. Some salons also recommend after care for the skin and suggest a suitable lotion to be used after the session. Use them.

If you start getting headaches or feel sick due to your tanning sessions, discontinue them and seek medical help.

• Timing
There are safety warnings put up everywhere in tanning salons. Ignore them at your own peril. Do not over-do your tanning session. The maximum time limit recommended is twenty minutes. Certain doctors advise you to stay for ten to twelve minutes only. Do not over-bake yourself. There are beds that come with a built in timer. It is smarter to opt for them.

• Follow the guidelines
Salons provide you with protective sun glasses, along with the tanning lotions. It is mandatory for them to do so by law. It is a safety measure for the health of your own corneas. Even if you are using a tanning bed at home, follow these guidelines, for your own safety.

• Check the kind of rays the beds are emitting
There are two types of lamps used in tanning beds. Get familiar with them. One type of lamp is H.O. or High Output lamps and the other is V.H.O. or very high output lamps. Unless you have been otherwise advised, the safer option is a H.O. lamp, especially for your own home tanning bed. They are cheaper too.

• Get medical advice before using a tanning bed
You may have some medical history or perhaps you are pregnant. Your family might be having a history of adverse reaction to the sun. Whatever may be the case, it is wiser to check with your doctor prior to getting a salon membership.

• Keep researching all the time. There are always new developments and it is wise to keep abreast with all the knowledge since it is your skin and your health.
These precautions will help you get a safe and healthy tan.