Can I Go To A Tanning Salon When Pregnant

Let us be clear that when we talk of going to a tanning salon during pregnancy, we are not deliberating on the glow of your skin, but on the possible side-effects to the unborn.

While some physicians reject the ‘exposure’ outright, be it within a salon or by the sun, others recommend exercising caution. The latter is because there are no confirmed medical reports or any scientific back-up to indicate that the rays are harmful to the unborn child. Most physicians drive the point hard with a would-be mother by telling her that she did not require a tan when she herself was in the womb, therefore her baby would not require it in her womb either. For you it is important to know that many civic bodies have passed a law against obtaining tanning during pregnancy, and there are salons that reject the client to avoid any legal fallout resulting in liability.

It is always practical and advisable to consult your physician before you plan to go to a tanning salon during pregnancy. Your physician may even give the go-ahead after running some tests. Despite the fact that there is no conclusive proof that the warmth of the tanning beds and the exposure to the UV Ray are not harmful to the developing foetus, but the sudden change in the pregnant woman is detrimental, especially during the first and third trimester. If one could skip that tanned look during those six months of the pregnancy, one can easily skip the balance three too. The hormonal changes during the pregnancy are itself a harbinger of an uneven tan, along with dark brown patches called ‘melasma’. Weighing the hardly existent pros and the dominant cons, we would not recommend going to a tanning salon when pregnant for obtaining a tan using the prevalent UV Rays.

But women desirous of that tanned look over an already glowing skin can take some respite from the fact that there are available some safe options. Most salons have the spray-on booths called the ‘mystic’ or the ‘versa’ spa, and these give a superb tanned look to the skin provided it is properly pre-conditioned and exfoliated. The other option is the application of the self-tanner which is at least safe for the expectant mother and the unborn baby. So in the end we do not change our recommendation but instead restrict it to a limited visit to a tanning salon during pregnancy. We do recommend avoiding the warm beds so that the tan is minus the UV Ray exposure, and only within the spray-booths.
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