How do I get the best tan from a tanning salon?

Now, when you visit any establishment where you pay quite a high charge for the service, you would naturally want the best. So there is just no bias in asking ‘how do I get the best tan from a tanning salon?’ First of course, you need to know everything that the tanning salon does have for offer, and whether you have familiarized yourself with their infrastructure and got the best deal that matches your defined budget. Take a second look at the family history on skin cancer, also on how pale is your skin compared to ‘normal’, and whether your skin is hyper-sensitive. The staff will definitely need to know whether you are on any medication. Now just select whether you prefer the upright booth or the prone one.

Before stepping into the tanning salon, ensure that the skin is exfoliated and properly moisturized (minus sun-screens) with the right lotions. Avoid any astringents or any alcohol-based products. Ensure that you know your pre-determined schedule days and timings. And when you step into a booth, ensure you have on the safety-goggles before you get the dose of the UV Rays. By having done the groundwork and cross-checks prior to the process, you can try and ensure not just the best tan, but a safe tan too.

To get the best tan from the tanning salon, it is equally important that the staff within are attentive to the details of each customer to avoid any ‘unforeseen’ circumstance. Having chosen your desired booth, the staff must ensure availability during your appointed day and time. It is equally important that you do not miss a session that will reverse some of the effect of the previous one, and the next one may turn out to be a catch-up session instead of moving-ahead. Understand that once inside, it is your preparation that ultimately decides the outcome of the preferential tan. While agreeing that tanning lotions and moisturizers are costly, we advise you to be liberal with their application. After all, they not only ensure an even tan, but also protect the skin from the ultra-violet rays.

The important aspect of getting the best tan from a tanning salon is to not consider yourself as the ‘expert’ just because you read this or some other article. If in doubt on any aspect of the tanning process or if not quite as comfortable, then definitely consult the staff members of the tanning salon. They had determined the degree of the exposure, and they know best how to give you the best.
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