What are the benefits of tanning

There is no doubt that the sun kissed glow ,makes a person look very sexy but people are reluctant to go in for tanning to achieve this look because they think tanning to be very harmful. The general notion of the people is that tanning causes many skin problems as well as dangerous diseases. But the amazing fact is that even tanning has many benefits and these benefits may outweigh the risk of the tanning. This statement may arise the question then “what are the benefits of tanning?” Surprisingly, it has many benefits and they are stated below.

The vitamin D which is also known as the sunshine vitamin comes from the sun light only. This vitamin helps to prevent various deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases. The main function of the vitamin D is that it helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, it is very essential for the body. In addition to this, vitamin D also helps in regulating the growth of cells in the body. It has been estimated that many Americans living north of Atlanta are at the risk of the deficiency of Vitamin D and many are suffering from its deficiency also. Therefore, the first major benefit of tanning is that the body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun light. This vitamin performs various functions in the body and it also plays an integral role in the well being of the individual.

Then another benefit of tanning is that the exposure to the rays of the sun helps to prevent several types of cancers. It has been researched and proved that moderate amount of exposure to the sun light is very healthy as well as essential. The research has shown that the cancer rates are higher in the sun deprived areas of the world. This proves that tanning can be very helpful to the body and it saves the body form the deadly disease like cancer. Therefore, next time when you go in for tanning then instead of feeling scared about harming the bodies just think that you are doing something healthy.

These benefits of the tanning may open your eyes and you may realize the importance of tanning. Researchers have proved through their studies that regular exposure to the sun is very essential as it lowers the risk of malignant melanoma. According to an industry research, indoor tanning helps to decrease the incidence of sunburns. Tanning salons which have been opened widely educate the people about the benefits of moderate tanning and also to prevent the sun burns. Thus, the indoor tanning industry has brought a revolution and they list various benefits of tanning when a customer asks them the question “what are the benefits of tanning?” These benefits are benefits only till that point where the tanning is done in moderate ratio only. Remember that anything which is done in excess becomes harmful. The same thing applies to the process of tanning also. If it is done moderately then it has many benefits but if it is done in excess then it has very harmful effects on the body. Therefore, it is very essential to follow the tanning sessions very carefully. This will not only give you the desired glow but also keep you healthy.

The indoor tanning industry is making the people aware of the tanning benefits and they are changing the notion of the people who are against the tanning and who have an idea that tanning is completely harmful for the body as it has many side effects. It has also been seen that tanning helps to clear the skin and helps the skin to get rid of acne. The tanning is also believed to decrease the stress level as the rays of the sun decreases the adrenaline level and releases endorphins which give the feeling of well being. Therefore, another benefit of the tanning is that it can help you relieve of the mental stress and tension.

So, now after becoming aware of so many benefits of tanning you can go in for tanning in a relaxed and tension free way. Think that tan will make you body more healthy as well as it will make you look sexy.
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