Should I Go To A Tanning Salon

The best way to obtain the right answer is to experience it first-hand. It’s like asking a woman why she visits a beauty salon when she is already very beautiful. In the same mode, should you go to a tanning salon becomes an equally personal requirement, as the idea is to look healthy and glowing within the shortest time possible. Psychologically, it has been proved that looking good is a positive motivator, a confidence booster, and a stress buster. Both male and female would therefore benefit from a visit to a tanning salon to obtain that glowing skin throughout the year, come rain or snow.

Before deciding on whether you should visit a tanning salon, do ensure that you are not on any specific medication or have a fever at that time, as the ultra-violet rays (UV Rays) can then create some adverse side-effects, besides increasing the risk of sun-burn. Let us face it, the tanning bed or the booth in a salon can get pretty warm, and one certainly would not plan a beach-trip either during any illness. And in the rare case that you do have a family history of skin cancer, or have a hyper-sensitive skin, then it would be advisable to reconfirm your visit after consulting or taking the advice of your doctor.

Once you have decided that you should go to a tanning salon, then do ensure that you first exfoliate the skin by creams or by bath puffs. Also use a good moisturizing cream but minus the sun-screen. This pre-measure helps in obtaining an even tan. Definitely avoid any astringents especially with an alcohol base, as they tend to dry up the skin and the tan is less visible as the UV Rays get deflected. Judging by the texture and color of your skin, the staff within will be able to recommend the number of visits and the duration in each visit to obtain that perfect tan.

It is always wise to know before hand that obtaining the quick tan is really not worthwhile unless you require that tanned look for a specific short purpose. Be prepared to get the desired tan by dividing the duration of each visit. It is but natural that a light or a pale skin tone would require more visits to the salon. So, now that we are back to the question on whether you should go to a tanning salon, our answer would definitely be a ‘yes’. After all, you have nothing to lose, and only gain a glowing tan.
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