How to lay in a tanning bed

Tanning beds release the ultraviolet rays artificially which help to tan the skin. These beds have bulbs on the bottom as well as top of the bed. These bulbs emit UVA and UVB rays. However, tanning through these beds is not as simple as it sounds. The reason for this is that only the exposed areas of the skin are tanned and this may result in an uneven tan.

The general question which is asked by the people who want perfect tan is “how to lie in a tanning bed?” The position of the body is very important as it helps to achieve even tan. You should also keep in mind the time for which you are going to be inside the tanning bed. It is better to turn sides half way through in all the sittings of the tanning bed. This will help the rays to reach out to all the areas of the skin and consequently give you a very natural and even tan. Generally, people relax in the tanning bed and at times they fall asleep so you can take timer along with you which will remind you to change the position.

In some cases, people in order to achieve even tan lie on their back in one session and then on the other side in the next session. But this will not give you the desired effect. The reason for this is that every tanning salon has many beds and all of them are different and you may not get the same bed in every sitting. All the beds give different effect because the bulbs of each bed have different strength and the strength depends upon how old they are.

Another thing to be kept in mind while lying in the tanning bed is that you should keep your legs and arms spread apart so that the areas between the legs and on the insides of the arms are also exposed to rays of the tanning bulbs. Also, tilt your head back or remove the pillow from the tanning bed this will help your chin to get tanned properly. The basic idea is to expose all the areas of the skin to the rays of the tanning bed so that tan looks real and natural.

There is no point in deciding the position and thinking over the question” how to lay in a tanning bed?” if you can find a standup tanning booth. In these booths tanning is done by standing in the rays. But because of comfort factor people prefer the tanning beds as they are more relaxing. The main reason for the uneven tanning is that there is gap on both the sides of the bed because the sides of the bed are open. Therefore, in order to get the natural tanned look you need to rotate the position of the body at regular interval. In some cases the uneven tanning is the outcome of not applying the tanning lotion. The tanning will start to even out if you start using the tanning lotion on regular basis.

It is very essential to follow the tips regarding how to lie in a tanning bed because this will help to give your skin an even sun kissed glow which will look very natural. Ignoring the above tips and suggestion can make your complexion appear very made up and artificial. Another thing to be kept in mind while tanning is the purpose of tanning that is which areas you want to expose. Therefore, you need to wear the clothes accordingly while lying in the tanning bed. You can even go nude in the bed if you are comfortable with it. If you are planning to go on a vacation then it is better to wear that bathing suit which you are planning to take along with you. This will help to give the even tan on the required areas of the skin.

So get that sexy and natural look by using the above guidelines and just see and feel the difference in the way you look. Flaunt your body with the even tan and look more attractive as well as smart.
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