Fake Tanning

Tanning is a procedure that involves use of ultra violet radiations to get an artificially darkened skin, which is known as a tanned skin. The most commonly used procedure for tanning is the sunbath, in which the body is exposed to heat of the sun and as a result of prolonged exposure, the skin by itself gets a tanned or darkened look. There are many disadvantages of this natural tanning by sun. Some of the major disadvantages are sunburns, dry scaly patches on skin, loss of moisture of the skin and sometimes lethal effects like skin cancers.

There are other artificial methods or fake tanning which is much more effective and safe when compared to natural sun tanning. This method is usually known as sunless tanning or artificial tanning or fake tanning. Fake tanning is now gaining much importance due to its benefits that excel the natural method of tanning.

The advantages of fake tanning over natural sun tanning are that for people who have very sensitive skin ultraviolet radiation exposure can be ruled out and certain chemicals which compared to ultraviolet radiations are better can be used to get the required amount of tan. Fake tanning basically involves use of certain chemicals on the skin that helps the individual to get the desired effect of tanned skin without ultraviolet exposure thus minimizing the risks of acquiring skin cancer. Also it is a known fact that during the ultraviolet treatment for acquiring a tanned look, individual pose a threat to their eyes since eyes are very sensitive to ultraviolet radiations and there are chances of developing eye complications like cataract etc which need surgical treatment to be corrected.

There are many chemicals that are used for effective fake tanning. The most widely used chemicals are dihydroxyacetone lotions and tyrosine lotions. There are different forms available that are easy to use at home like lotion form, gel form, sprays form etc. Each product comes with instructions as to how it has to be used to get maximum efficacy in terms of darker skin. Professional tanning specialists always suggest the use of fake tanning products onto dry and clean skin, so that any side reactions can be avoided. There are other instructions that have to be followed like once applied, till the product gets readily absorbed by the body, one must avoid bathing and swimming since that may wash off the tanning lotion and hence its efficacy may be reduced.

Professional salons having experts who specialize in fake tanning use different methods to give the desired artificial tanned look to the client’s using either brushes or kind of spray guns that help to apply the fake tanners onto the body with much ease and more uniformly.
In the above mentioned fake tanning lotions, dihydroxyacetone has been authorized and recognized for safe cosmetic use by the regulatory authorities like FDA. Usually dihydroxyacetone is used in combination with erythrulose for achieving a long lasting near to natural tanned effect.

Tyrosine based gels and lotions helps in faster tanning of the skin since it is believed that they help in the formation of melanin and thereby aid faster tanning when used in fake tanning.

Other than the chemicals used, there are certain other drugs that act as synthetic hormones that induces the production of a hormone called as melanotropin which is responsible for skin darkening.

Fake tanning also involves the use of temporary lotions available that aids in tanning of the skin on a temporary basis. One of the good example for the mentioned temporary fake tanning could be bronzers or bronzing lotions that come in the form of lotions, gels, powders, sprays etc which are easy to use and are for a single day purpose or to retain the fake tanning that has been achieved by using the above mentioned chemical tanning ingredients.

There are certain things to be remembered when using fake tanning lotions or sprays. There are areas on the body that have a relatively tough skin when compared to the other parts of the body like face, arms etc. Some of the tough areas on the body include elbows, knees, ankle etc. Depending on the amount of tanning required it is very essential to use any moisturizer onto the tough parts of the body before applying the fake tanners since direct application may give a patchy or cracky appearance which would spoil the fun of the entire tanned look of the body that is achieved by the individual.

So follow the instructions before you start a fake tanning procedure and enjoy a flawless tanned look same as the natural tan without having the risks of acquiring skin cancers or other ultraviolet radiations related problems.

Enjoy the summer with a cool tanned look!!
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