Tanning bed safety

All of us want a gorgeous bronzed tan. It looks wonderful and gives the skin a healthy glow. A convenient way to achieve that look is to use a tanning bed. It is an easy and fast way to get a tan. A lot has been said about the harmful effects of using tanning beds. As is true with any kind of scientific benefit, it comes with an inherent rider. We need to use tanning beds sensibly, and with all the precautionary care we would take to use any treatment or medicine.

Tanning beds area simple option to getting a tan. They also help people suffering from vitamin D deficiency by stimulating the production of this vitamin by the body. Doctors often advise people suffering from SAD and mood disorders to use tanning beds especially in countries that do not have long sunny days. They are the fastest way known to mankind to get a tan. You can get a tan by using a tanning bed for ten or twelve minutes at a local tanning salon. This fits easily into the schedule of any busy person. Moreover it is safer than sunlight which is known to have harmful UV rays.

Tanning bed manufacturers would like us to believe that they are completely safe. This is not completely true. The earlier generation beds were very harmful as they emitted UV rays which were much stronger than the sun. However the modern day beds are less harmful. As a general rule it is advisable to take all the precautions and use these simple guidelines.

• Choose your tanning bed with care
Your tan depends on the choice of bed and so does your health. There are so many tanning beds available in the market and there are so many salons. Do your research. Talk to the personnel working at tanning salons. Check out the services and the advice they offer. They will be able to advise you on your skin type, the type of tanning bed you need and any precautions you need to take. Make an informed decision. Your health depends on it.

• Use the best tanning lotions.
The tanning lotion you use regulates the amount of UVA and UVB that hits your body. This in turn regulates the health of your skin. Use a good quality tanning lotion which has some kind of a built in moisturiser. These days many hydrating lotions are supplied by tanning salons that keep your skin moisturized and supple. UV rays being emitted by tanning beds can leach away the moisture from your skin. At the very least it can age your skin and at the worst, it can cause skin cancer. So exercise great care. Some salons also recommend after care for the skin and suggest a suitable lotion to be used after the session. Use them.

If you start getting headaches or feel sick due to your tanning sessions, discontinue them and seek medical help.

• Timing
There are safety warnings put up everywhere in tanning salons. Ignore them at your own peril. Do not over-do your tanning session. The maximum time limit recommended is twenty minutes. Certain doctors advise you to stay for ten to twelve minutes only. Do not over-bake yourself. There are beds that come with a built in timer. It is smarter to opt for them.

• Follow the guidelines
Salons provide you with protective sun glasses, along with the tanning lotions. It is mandatory for them to do so by law. It is a safety measure for the health of your own corneas. Even if you are using a tanning bed at home, follow these guidelines, for your own safety.

• Check the kind of rays the beds are emitting
There are two types of lamps used in tanning beds. Get familiar with them. One type of lamp is H.O. or High Output lamps and the other is V.H.O. or very high output lamps. Unless you have been otherwise advised, the safer option is a H.O. lamp, especially for your own home tanning bed. They are cheaper too.

• Get medical advice before using a tanning bed
You may have some medical history or perhaps you are pregnant. Your family might be having a history of adverse reaction to the sun. Whatever may be the case, it is wiser to check with your doctor prior to getting a salon membership.

• Keep researching all the time. There are always new developments and it is wise to keep abreast with all the knowledge since it is your skin and your health.
These precautions will help you get a safe and healthy tan.
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