What can I expect in a tanning salon

Besides expecting a tan, one should expect that while they are checking out the facility and infrastructure within the tanning salon, the working staff is equally keen to enroll you. So definitely expect to be flooded with pictorial and informative brochures, the various modes and procedures, and do ensure that along with the benefits you also read about the risks. Expect to fill a detailed form with a plethora of personal information about you, some quite personal. This may seem out of place but most of it is very important for the tanning salon staff. It is important to even provide details of current medication, if any, as some can be counter-conducive to the indoor tanning exposure. The intent is not just to make you comfortable, but safe too, and that notches up a good expectation from a tanning salon.

The next step to expect is a conducted tour of the facility and the products in use. You should be open to asking as many questions as keep popping in your mind, even if they seem silly. The staff definitely expects this. Check out the tanning beds and the booths. Check out the cleanliness and the hygiene. Ask about the procedures from the moment you enter the tanning salon on each visit. Talk of the safety features and the regulations. Let us be clear that in your mind there already was a whole lot apprehension about what to expect in a tanning salon, and the slight discomfort builds up as you see people within who are all too familiar with everything, while you with the pale skin are certainly standing out like a sore thumb. But don’t forget that everyone inside was in your shoes when they stepped in the very first time. This apprehension once eased will give you a mental stimulus, and the actual process will later prove to be a very physically relaxing UV exposure, literally.

Presuming you are convinced about getting that tanned look, then at your next visit do expect, or ask for, the following. 1) Protective Eyewear- to protect the eyes from the UV Rays. Most tanning salons keep them, whereas some expect the clients to bring their own. 2) Indoor Tanning Lotion- again some salons use a fixed brand, and some clients prefer to use their own. 3) Towel- to cover areas that do not require to be tanned. Once ready with all, just tuck into the tanning bed and relax. Listen to the music. Even take a short nap. The bed shuts off automatically.
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