Best Rated Tanning Lotions

If you want a natural tanned look without exposure to the sun, you need a definitely high quality tanning lotion. Tanning is a result of DNA damage in the presence of the sun's Ultra Violet rays. Its result is manifested in the form of dark skin tone due to an increase in melanin (brown color pigment) production and deepening of the already existing pigment, in the skin epidermis. You need to be prudent in choosing from one of the best-rated tanning lotions to avoid any possibility of side effects, health hazards, or patchy appearance. Therefore, what defines best rated tanning lotions. Following are some of their features:

• Enhancers and additional ingredients
Look for products with natural enhancers and skin nutrients, such as Vitamin E, herbal extracts, hempseed oil, or organic animal extracts. These essential ingredients help in replenishing and moisturizing your skin. This is an important attribute for tanning lotions, as the tanning process tends to dehydrate the skin largely.

• Accelerated tanning process
Some of the ‘skin tanning’ products have a proven ability of accelerating the process to as much as double the usual speed of indoor tanning. Apart from being a time saver, this attribute also helps in minimizing freckles.

• Bronzers
Bronzers are additional ingredients that work towards that glamorous bronze tinge to your skin. The commonly used agent in such products is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It is a safe substance, which eliminates the use of UV rays exposure for tanning. Often tanning products with DHA are used to enhance or supplement the effects of tanning beds, apart from being used alone. Commonly, these lotions combine DHA with agents that produce tingling sensation to create Hot Bronzers, or with menthol to create Cool Bronzers.

• UV ray protection
UV ray protection is measured in the terms of Sun Protection Factor or SPF. The higher the SPF, the greater protection provided. Specifically look for UVB protection along with UVA, as they are potentially more harmful. However, most of the tanning lotions do not provide UV protection.

You can do your individual research through print advertisements, magazines, and internet for your product. However, you should be aware of the fact that they are designed for regulated indoor tanning through beds or other equipments and are not fit for outdoor use. Therefore, it is imperative to check for SPF content in them, if you intend to use them outdoors. While selecting the ideal skin tanning lotion for you, it is always a better idea to consult an expert, such as a tanning professional, saloon owner, or a dermatologist.

Tanning Myths: How to Combat Them

Now that you have learned the complex effects of ultraviolet light on health, you can understand why people sometimes create myths, or half-truths, about health and tanning; they simply don't understand indoor tanning or the tanning process. The best defense against health myths about indoor tanning is the education of fellow employees and clients. Let's take a look at three of the most common myths, as well as what makes them false. You may want to read this section over several rimes to familiarize yourself with the myths and the factual explanations you can use to combat them.

"Indoor tanning units work like big microwave ovens that can bake the body tissues and fry the skin." One popular legend in many u.s. cities today is that a young woman who wanted a tan for special occasion died after she went on a tanning salon rampage. Before she died, her body smelled sickly sweet, which her doctor explained was the odor of her charred body tissues. But you know that ultraviolet light waves cannot penetrate so deeply into the skin that affect the body tissues, although they may penetrate eyelids to damage eyes. Explain to your clients that ultraviolet light waves are not the same as X-rays or heat rays and, therefore, have different effects on the body. Tell them that overexposure would result in sunburn, not body organs. Take people on tours through your salon and describe how the equipment and lamps work.

You also can use cool logic: The u.s. government is the low on funds these days, but it certainly couldn't overlook an industry that could possibly injure people so severely. If the legends of the roasted tanner were based on truth rather than fiction, the government would have put a padlock on all tanning facilities years ago by regulating the tanning industry. The government has helped to dispel myths like the legend of the roasted tanner, and also has helped established indoor tanning as a viable, professional U.S. industry.

"Ultraviolet light causes skin cancer, including malignant melanoma-the deadliest of them all." As previously mentioned, the two most common types of skin cancer, basal-cell and squamous-cell carcinomas, are directly related to ultraviolet light overexposure and can recur after treatment. But the link between ultraviolet light and melanoma is mysterious, as people who work outdoors actually get fewer melanomas than those who work inside. Educate clients about the increased risks of skin cancer in people who experience severe, blistering sunburns as children. Urge them to use sun screens when traveling to sunny climates. Help them prevent sunburn-which is probably the biggest culprit. Explain how indoor tanning equipment uses a carefully researched combination of UV A and UVB, and administers the light in a controlled atmosphere. This combination, we feel, may decrease the risks for skin damage in the long run. However, industry experts recommend that you discourage people who have been treated for skin cancers from tanning without medical approval.

"People can catch diseases if they tan nude." People cannot contract diseases from properly sanitized, well-maintained tanning beds or from the clean floors of tanning booths. Disease specialists have said that no evidence exists to prove that sanitized tanning units have spread diseases, nor can they spread venereal diseases or AIDS, both of which require intimate contact to get. The potential danger of tanning nude is ultraviolet overexposure-such as sun burn of sensitive body parts that normally are not exposed to ultraviolet radiation. For example, skin on the armpits, back of legs, and buttocks can suffer severe erythema using the same light intensity that only tans the rest of your body.

Suggest that your clients gradually expose their sensitive body areas to ultraviolet light, and that they cover them halfway through tanning sessions for the first three or four times they tan nude. Rashes or itches occurring on the body after ultraviolet light exposure are not an indication of skin disease, but of dry skin or a photosensitive reaction. They often are caused by a combination of heat from the tanning lamps (sometimes perspiration caused by the heat can be the source of the problem), a lack of sufficient melanin in the skin being tanned and ultraviolet light. Both irritations usually subside within several days after tanning has stopped.

White spots or skin striping also are not signs of skin disease. White spots most often occur when oxygen is prevented from circulating in an area of the skin, such as the elbows, usually while clients lie in tanning beds. Skin striping or zebra striping, results from uneven tanning during first exposures to ultraviolet light. Both problems can be solved i£ during subsequent tanning sessions, clients periodically reposition their bodies to provide maximum access to the affected areas.

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What is the weight limit on the tanning beds?

Tanning through tanning beds is gaining a lot of popularity. People do not mind spending extra dollar to get that sun kissed glow. However, it is very essential to get aware of all the factors which affect the use of these beds. One of the things or factor which may ring bells in the mind of the people may be that what is the weight limit on the tanning beds?

The answer to this question depends on the category and type of tanning beds which is used. There is large variety of tanning beds available and all the tanning salons use different type of the tanning bed according to their requirement. Generally, the weight limit of these tanning beds is 250-300 but it is advisable to get aware of the weight limit before you use these beds from the person running the tanning salons.

These beds use the sheets which are made of acrylics. So, the weight limit which it can hold really depends. If you are extremely over weight then before you use the tanning bed the salon owner will be more concerned about this question and he would be hesitant enough to make you sit on the bed. So, it all depends from salon to salon more over the general case is that the tanning beds can hold weight very easily. There is no exact weight limit of the tanning beds. It really depends upon salon to salon according to the bed they are using.

If you have an obese body it is very essential to confirm the weight factor from the salon owner otherwise you may not be able to relax while taking a nap in the tanning bed. Some of the salons use beds in which a person is supposed to lie down on the beds made of the acrylic sheets. Another category of beds are those in which a person stands to get the body tanned.

To get best results it is very essential that you use these beds in a very relaxed way. If you have any question in mind it is very essential to clear it before you lie on the tanning beds. The tanning bed operator will answer your all the questions and give you the exact justifications and explanation to the things which are in your mind. Therefore, to get the best result go for these beds and get that perfect look stop thinking too much and clear all your doubts.

Top 10 tanning lotion

When it comes to tanning, the best way is to use a tanning lotion. They are easy to use and less expensive. But there are so many tanning lotions in the market. Which one should you buy? Here are the 10 best tanning lotion in the market. There are plenty of choices it is upto you which one you wish to use.

The first one on the list is Most Absolute Dark 9000. Some of the main components for this lotion are vitamins C and E, which are excellent antioxidants. It also contains Protovanol as well as Tyrosine. This cream has special compound that helps to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Next in line is Diamond Strength Ultra Dark. Along with changing the color of the skin, it gives the skin an extra glow. Some of the ingredients in this cream are Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Kukui oil etc. all of these are natural essential oils that are beneficial for the skin. All these ingredients reduces the wrinkles, which makes this cream so popular.

Millennium Paint it Black adds a bronze glow to the skin. If you are looking for a touch of bronze ten this is the thing for you.

Fashion Princess has all the minerals that your skin needs. This dissolves in the skin very quickly, leaving soft and smooth skin.

Ultra Dark Black Intense is another lotion that gives a bronze tone to the skin. This is available in any beauty store. If you want a tan along with supple skin, then this is the right lotion for you.

Designer Skin Monarchy 7 is different from other creams because two of the main components are honey and milk. It is rich in protein enzymes. They reduce the age marks and keep the skin supple.

If you want to have a really dark tan then the right lotion for you is Supre Extreme Bronzed. This leaves your skin with a refreshed feeling.

Outlaw Red Hot Maxxx Tingle is rich in anti oxidants, bio-nutrients and vitamins. Try it out and see the difference in your skin and complexion.

Brown Sugar Brown Honey is the one lotion that contains fruit and honey extracts. This will give you an even and really dark tan. Both fruit and hone works wonders for the skin.

Last but not the least is Hoss Sauce Silver Strike. This is rich in hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is rich in omega oil as well as fatty acids. All these keep the skin well moisturized.

Now that you know about the best tanning lotion, now all you have to do is choose one for yourself.

Is sun tanning safe topless?

Many people around the globe are fond of tan. In the western world it has become a very popular thing. As a matter of fact in the western world a whole business has developed around this skin therapy. There are tanning parlors everywhere. Getting a tan by the help of a tanning bed is considered as one of the safest methods for tanning. But yet again more and more people prefer sun tanning.

Now the question is it safe to have a suntan without wearing a top? In this way it is possible for one to get a tan for the entire body -- form head to toe. That certainly is an advantage. But remember, there are pros and cons to this method of tanning. Because when you are undergoing a tan, then you are exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Whether it is the tanning bed or the sun, there is always some risk associated with that.

Not every part of our body is the same. Some parts of the body have sensitive skin. You have to be careful about those areas.

Men can go for a topless tan easily, that is not a problem for them. But women do not have that advantage. Thought the rays of the sun can provide you with a good amount of vitamin D and make your bones strong, but still there are some negative sides to it.

Here are some tips for the women who prefer topless tans.

By having a topless tan you are exposing the skin of your breast to the harmful rays of the sun. The skin on the breast is very delicate. Exposing this skin to the sun will make the skin rough. In that case you might start having age marks on the breast at an early age that will totally ruin the beauty of your breasts.

The second problem is even graver. There is a big chance of having breast cancer due to a topless tan.

If you really wish to get a topless tan then you have to take some precautions. First of all you need to use a good sunscreen lotion before going for the tan. Massage the lotion well on your breasts.

Do not stay under the sun for too long.

If you are having the tan at a parlor then reduce the timer on the tanning bed.

Follow these instructions and have a healthy topless tan.

Bronzing Tanning Beds

Everyone desires to have a golden skin, perfectly tanned. It looks healthy and attractive. Sadly not everyone has the time and money to tan at a beach all the time. This has led to the popularity of tanning salons. Tanning beds use specialized light bulbs that emit artificial sunlight which is a mix of UVA and UVB rays, which together help a person get tanned. There are varieties of tanning beds, some in which a person lies down, booths where one stands up to get tanned and the latest in tanning beds, the bronzer tanning bed.

The normal tanning beds have ten to fifty 100W to 200W tanning bulbs. These bulbs emit 95% UVA and 5% UVB rays. Bronzer tanning beds differ from regular beds. They have 35 to 60 bulbs of 160W to 220W that emit 98% UVA rays.

Bronzing tanning beds are much better that the usual tanning beds since the low level of UVB rays used in bronzing beds do not result in the skin turning red. This reduces the risk of sun burn and help the person achieve a longer lasting and dark tan.

However one has to consider the fact that bronzer tanning beds work slower than the regular beds. It takes a longer time to achieve a dark tan, even though it lasts much longer and does not fade away as fast as tan from regular beds. It is advised that you should first have a base tan before using a bronzing tanning bed.

People often confuse bronzer beds and bronzing bulbs with hot bulbs. Hot bulbs produce more UVB rays than bronzer beds, and produce tan much faster but the tan is lighter. To achieve the perfect bronze look, check with your tanning salon and ensure that you are using a proper bronzer tanning bed.

In case you have a bronzing tanning bed at home, you must ensure that you change the bulbs after 800-1000 hours of use. The bulbs have a longer life but stop emitting the amount of UV radiation that is necessary to produce a tan.
Bronzer tanning beds give you the perfect bronzed look that is attractive and creates an impact. Moreover since they do not emit much UV radiation, they are considered safe. This does not mean that one can use bronzer tanning beds without exercising some caution. Safety of tanning beds is still a hotly debated issue with some scientists insisting that they are harmful and can cause premature wrinkles and skin damage. Use all the precautions and never overdo the duration you spend on the tanning bed.

Tanning swimsuits

The tanned look is really in and it gives the desired sexy feel. So, people try out with many things to get this look. However, the safest way to get the skin tanned is through the regular sun exposure. Gradual tanning is not so harmful to the skin. Therefore, tanning through the swim suits have gained lot of popularity in the recent times.

These tanning swim suits are easily available in the market. They are made of specialized fabric which is called MicrosoIV. This fabric is made through special knitting process which creates thousands of tiny pores. The purpose of these pores is to filter about half of the sun light and UVB/UVA rays. The fabric of these swim suits is breathable which helps to keep the health in check by protecting the skin against elements and at the same time also helps to darken the skin by soaking the healthy amount of sun.

These tanning swim suits have many benefits. They help to give easy tanning. They are protective towards the skin. They dry very soon and they do not sag or fall apart. Many people go to tanning salons or try out regular sunbathing to get that sun kissed glow. But tanning through the tanning swimsuits is the best and it also gives the desired effect by producing the melanin. Tanning swim suits help you give even tan and if you expose your skin regularly to the sun then it will surely give you dark tan.

The result of tanning through the tanning swim suits is amazing. It is in fact a great way to give the whole body gorgeous brown look in the summer season. But it is very essential to keep one thing in mind that over exposure to sun rays is not healthy for the body and it can lead to harmful diseases like skin cancer. So, before stepping out in the sun wearing these swim suits always protect your body with a good quality sunscreen lotion. Also protect your eyes with goggles. These things are very essential as ignoring these can land you in major health problems. Remember that precautions and protection is very essential while tanning.

These swim suits are affordable and are available in wide range. If fact if you try these then you will never prefer a normal swim wear. These swim suits surely give amazing results. So, you better try one and see the change yourself.

Sundash tanning beds

Summer is here and it is time to go outdoors and have fun. This is the time when people prefer to go to the beach and get a tan. But these days most people no longer prefer to get a tan the natural way, that is by the help of sun bathing. There are various tanning lotions available, but they are losing the popularity as well.

So what is the most popular method to have a tan? These days more and more people are opting for sun beds. That is the electronic way of getting a tan. Tan bed is a device that lets out UV radiation and gives the skin a cosmetic tan.

There are different types of and brands of tan beds available in the salons and market, but the one that has become very popular are the sundash sun beds. This brand has won prizes for its high quality. Most consider sundash as the most reliable method of tanning. One of the best thing about sundash is that they are environment friendly. So you can have all the tan you want without harming the nature.

So far there are two different tanning machined available in the market by sundash. One is the 332 Por Series and the other is the 352 Radious Series. The functions of the two machines vary a bit. In order to choose the right tool for your tan here are some information on both the machines.

In case of the 332 Por Series, you have to lie inside the machine. The gadget looks more like a sandwich toaster. Once you lie down, the lid is closed, and then the tanning process starts. The surface if this machine is extended for the comfort of the clients. It takes only 15-20 minutes to get the tan.

Those who do not have much time to lie down and enjoy the tan can go for 352 Radious Series. This machine is like a small room. You get inside and stand for a while and the tan is done. This does not require more that 12 minutes and the whole body is tanned in one go. The best part of this machine is that there is a fan inside the machine that keeps the temperature inside the machine comfortable.

So if you have tan in mind, go for the salon that has sundash tan beds. You will not regret it.

Tanning Bed vs the Sun

Lately there has been a debate about what is the better option for getting a tan -- the ten beds or the sun? Which method is more effective? Which one is less harmful? Sorry to disappoint you dear readers as there is no exact answer to this question.

We all know it very well that the UV rays of the sun are very harmful for the skin. The sun can give you a nice tan but at the same time it will damage your skin as well. You might end up getting sunburn or even skin cancer. You do not wish to damage your skin for a tan now do you?

Here is where the cosmetic tanning or the tanning beds come in handy. All you have to do is spend some time in a tanning parlor and you are done. You come out with a good tan.

Before you go for the cosmetic tan it is better that you know a thing or two about both the methods of tanning.

There are basically two types of tanning bed -- horizontal and vertical. You can stand or lie down, whichever is more comfortable for you. Inside the beds there are UV lamps. Once you get in, then the lams are turned on. Here it should be mentioned that the regular air pressure of the lamps are higher than the regular UV lamps. The good thing is that these lamps are made of quartz. They filter the bad or unwanted UV rays from reaching the skin. In this way your skin remains protected.

But before you go for a tanning bed it is important to know what kind of UV rays is used there. If it is a UVB ray, then it is not harmful. The wavelength of the UVB rays is shorter and they affect the outer layer of the skin, whereas the wavelength of the UVA ray is longer and they are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, which is very harmful.

Even if the tanning bed uses a UVB ray, there is always a chance of heat rash and other skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin then stay away from these machines.

Even though there is a possibility of a sun burn, sun tan is still the safest way to get a tan. Do not forget that sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. At the same time the sun rays helps the skin to produce melanin that actually protects the skin from the sun. For a healthy tan all you have to do is go for sunbathing frequently but do not stay under the sun for too long. At the same time you will have to use a good protective lotion. This is bit time consuming, but at lease it is safer.

Eye protection tanning beds

The tanned look is gaining more and more popularity. It gives the desired sexy look so people do not mind going to any extent to attain this look. In order to make tanning easy and comfortable many tanning salons have been opened. These tanning salons have got a very positive response among the masses and many people go to these salons.

There is no doubt that these salons provide the skin the desired sun kissed glow but it is very important to keep few things in mind in order to get safe tan through these tanning bed. The reason for this is that these tanning beds have bulbs which emit UVA and UVB rays which can have very harmful effect not only on the skin but also on the eyes. It is very essential to be cautions and use proper and right precautions to protect the eyes. You can use disposable aluminum tanning goggles for this purpose or you can also go in for tanning goggles with strap on it which has very tinted viewing holes.

These tanning goggle prevent the harmful rays from entering the eyes. If you ignore this then the result can be irritation in the eyes and it can also lead to more severe problems like cataract and macular degeneration. Some people think that closing the eyes can prevent these rays from entering the eyes and in this way they block the harmful rays. But it is a very wrong belief and eye lids only prevent only 25% of the rays from entering the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is also very delicate and it is also very essentials to protect this area of the eye also. If the exposure to the UV rays is more than it can result in the damage of the fragile skin cells which protect the eyes.

It is better to use personal tanning goggles instead of the goggles which are provided at the salons. This will provide complete and hygienic protection. Some of the eye diseases can be spread from one customer to other by the use of same goggles so it is a better idea to use personal goggles.

The tanning bed salon session can be more relaxing and effective if you use right and appropriate protection and precautions. If you ignore this then in the process of getting glowing tan you can actually lose your eye sight.

Pros and Cons of Tanning Beds

Medical research has found that long sunny days and tanning beds stimulate the body into producing Vitamin D which is immensely beneficial. Vitamin D’s deficiency can cause serious ailments like hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and skin ailments.

Pros of tanning beds

Tanning beds give the human body the following health benefits:

*Healthy bones and protection against osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
*Positive and brighter outlook to life
*Metabolic efficiency
*Vitamin D
*Protection against cancer of prostrate, breast and colon
*Combats SAD or Season Affective Disorder

*Moreover, the benefits or pros of using tanning beds are that they are convenient.
*In places where one gets no sun through out the year, this is the only way to get the beneficial UVA rays.

The Cons of Using Tanning Beds

*The Cons or dangers of using tanning beds is perhaps just the fact that most people, especially young people tend to overdo it. Tanning beds emit 50% more UVA than sunlight. The youth who are using tanning beds to get the bronzed look tend to be in a hurry. They use the beds for more time than required. So they end up being exposed to the following dangers

*Being dehydrated,
*Suffer premature wrinkling and
*sun burnt skin.
* Moreover such people run the risk of getting deadly skin cancers too.

The UVA bulbs used in tanning beds can affect the eyes. Care has to be taken. Every responsible tanning salon recommends that one should wear sun glasses; some tanning salons stock them for their clients. Most tanning beds come with inbuilt timers which are set at 15 to 20 minutes.

You owe it to your health and well being to follow the following precautions while using a tanning bed

-Prepare your skin by applying the lotion prescribed for tanning
-Use eye protection like shades or goggles
-After your session, use a lotion to soothe the skin
-Do not prolong your tanning session.

The benefits of tanning are many, and as long as you follow the precautions you should be safe from all the harmful effects of using a tanning bed. Tanning is extremely popular both for health and beauty reasons. Of course there are cons of tanning beds, but these risks can be minimized by moderation and following all the recommended precautions. It would not be out of place here to mention that sunlight has more harmful UVB rays and moreover it is easier to overdo tanning on a beach in the sun.

Can tanning beds cause heat rash

The beauty industry is all about the next new big thing. First it was the invention of makeup. Then came cosmetic surgery. And these days more are into tanning. Previously people had to depend on the good old sun for a tan. But not anymore. Thanks to science and technology you can get a tan by going to a tanning salon.

The tanning salons have tanning beds. All you have to do is lie on the tanning bed or stand and you get a cosmetic tan in a very short time.

The tanned skin may add the exotic beauty to your look, but the question is, are they safe? Many people complain that they have rashes and other skin irritation after having a cosmetic tan. That is not something unusual. Many times the skin can react to the tanning bed. Now I know all the salons and the companies that sell tanning beds will promise you zero side effect, but unfortunately that is not true. Both the sun as well and the tanning beds are equally dangerous and harmful. In most cases you might end up having a heat rash.

So what are heat rashes? They are red patches or bumps on the skin. This occurs due to cosmetic tanning. People might argue that your skin is too sensitive to undergo such a process, but the truth is, there is more than one reason behind heat rash due to using a tanning bed.

The first reason is, you could be allergic to the tanning bed, or the UV ray to be more specific. In this case it is better to wait and see if the condition improves or not.

Another common reason to have the heat rash is if the machine becomes too hot. If the machine is too hot then you will sweat more. If you are opting for a cosmetic tan then make sure that the salon has a good fan attached to the machine that will prevent the machine from getting too hot.

Tanning involves heat. This means there is a big chance of the skin becoming dry. Make sure you use a good moisturizing cream or lotion to keep the skin well hydrated.

Last but not the least; you need to know your skin type before you opt for a tan. If you have sensitive skin, then cosmetic tanning is a big no because then you might have more than just a heat rash.

Vitamin D May Lower Cancer Risks - NBC News

Maximize Dark Tan with Shower After Tanning

To obtain maximum benefits from indoor tanning, it is necessary to know the steps to retain the effects of the process. One important consideration is the optimum time lag that should be maintained between tanning session and the subsequent shower. Contrary to the popular view of not taking a shower for several hours after tanning, the fact is, a shower is necessary. It helps your skin get rid of excess tanning triggers, such as oils, dirt, salts, or perspiration. Make sure to use herbal, moisturizing, or other mild soaps or body wash, which are free of any harsh chemicals, parabens, or dehydrating agents. Also, keep the temperature of water at ‘normal’ or lukewarm. Shower at high temperatures reduces tanning effect and can damage your skin through excess dehydration. Indoor tanning fundamentally makes use of three elements, tanning bed, tanning spray, or cream base products, which, in turn, influence the said time gap. Following is a guide to your aid:

• Tanning Bed
It is now established that the process of tanning continues for one to two hours after leaving the tanning bed. Therefore, you must wait for minimum three hours after tanning session to get the desired results. However, this is truer in the case of Bronzers, as an immediate shower can wash them off before producing the desired results. In all cases, remember to use a good moisturizer immediately after tanning, as this procedure leaves your skin dehydrated and dull.

• Tanning Spray
On similar line as in case of tanning bed, it is advisable to take a shower after three or four hours. In addition, since the tanning spray is an externally used substance, use a mild, preferably herbal body cleanser and avoid the use of bathing sponge or other scrubbing agents. Scrubbing or exfoliating can remove the upper most layer of tanned epidermal layer, reducing the tanned appearance of your skin.

• Tanning cream or lotion
Cream or lotion based products require that you take a shower before the session mandatorily. However, post-session do not get into the bath, until the lapse of four hours. Use mild toiletries and avoid using scrubs or rough towels.

In case you chose to tan your skin the natural way, i.e. sun tanning, take a shower immediately after exposure to sun. Sun tanning brings with it a lot of heat and perspiration. Human sweat contains salts, which when mixed with tanning lotions become dirt. To remove this dirt, an immediate shower is recommended more so, as the removal of traces of the lotion do not affect the tanning results in this case. Nevertheless, in the case of sun tanning also, you should take a gentle shower at normal temperature.

What can I expect in a tanning salon

Besides expecting a tan, one should expect that while they are checking out the facility and infrastructure within the tanning salon, the working staff is equally keen to enroll you. So definitely expect to be flooded with pictorial and informative brochures, the various modes and procedures, and do ensure that along with the benefits you also read about the risks. Expect to fill a detailed form with a plethora of personal information about you, some quite personal. This may seem out of place but most of it is very important for the tanning salon staff. It is important to even provide details of current medication, if any, as some can be counter-conducive to the indoor tanning exposure. The intent is not just to make you comfortable, but safe too, and that notches up a good expectation from a tanning salon.

The next step to expect is a conducted tour of the facility and the products in use. You should be open to asking as many questions as keep popping in your mind, even if they seem silly. The staff definitely expects this. Check out the tanning beds and the booths. Check out the cleanliness and the hygiene. Ask about the procedures from the moment you enter the tanning salon on each visit. Talk of the safety features and the regulations. Let us be clear that in your mind there already was a whole lot apprehension about what to expect in a tanning salon, and the slight discomfort builds up as you see people within who are all too familiar with everything, while you with the pale skin are certainly standing out like a sore thumb. But don’t forget that everyone inside was in your shoes when they stepped in the very first time. This apprehension once eased will give you a mental stimulus, and the actual process will later prove to be a very physically relaxing UV exposure, literally.

Presuming you are convinced about getting that tanned look, then at your next visit do expect, or ask for, the following. 1) Protective Eyewear- to protect the eyes from the UV Rays. Most tanning salons keep them, whereas some expect the clients to bring their own. 2) Indoor Tanning Lotion- again some salons use a fixed brand, and some clients prefer to use their own. 3) Towel- to cover areas that do not require to be tanned. Once ready with all, just tuck into the tanning bed and relax. Listen to the music. Even take a short nap. The bed shuts off automatically.