How To Choose A Tanning Salon

A very simple question is when are posed with the choice of the tanning salon. After all, the directory lists most of them. But there is naturally much more than this simplistic mode of choice, a choice that concerns you. Yes, location is important as it becomes a time-saving experience, depending on the number of visits planned. So you need to decide whether it should be near the home or the place of work. You also have to check the infrastructure and the facilities of the tanning salon, whether it has sufficient booths and tanning beds, including provision for spray or air-brush tanning. The prices have to be within your comfort level and budget, and whether the salon would offer you a package deal depending on your regular and long-term association.

In choosing a tanning salon, it is worthwhile obtaining a first-hand recommendation from friends or associates who have used a particular facility, as they would be in the best position to inform you about the not just the facility, but also the acumen of the staff and the overall service. You may want to compare with that friend the information you have obtained on the various offer packages available in other tanning salons and negotiate a worth-while package deal. It would be worthwhile taking a walk-through peek of the interiors, even inquiring from some staff member about the sanitation procedure.

You must check if the tanning salon is licensed and has trained staff. It is a state requirement that the staff of tanning salons must be trained and knows how to deal with complications. Tanning at a salon involves using of equipment which can cause burns and other complications, if not used properly. Therefore it is particularly important that the staff is approachable, well trained and pro-active. You do not want to risk your health. Check out the equipment. The tanning beds should be equipped with a timer, and also the tanning salon must give you safety measures like dark glasses to protect your eyes.

If you happen to be new to the area, a first-timer in using the facility, and not having friends who have utilized the services of a tanning salon, we would recommend visiting a branded salon that already has a huge chain of outlets all across. This may be a slightly costly venture, but it provides a good idea of what to expect, which can then be bench-marked when you eventually do venture out to choose a tanning salon that fits your bill. Only if you are satisfied must you pay the membership fee.
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