Are Tanning Salons Safe

When someone enquirers ‘are tanning salons safe’, one is tempted to respond with ‘as safe as driving on an expressway’. Take that with a pinch of salt. Within limits, they are absolutely safe, though there are many who would tend to disagree. After all, we are talking of inducing something by artificial means involving a high degree of ultra-violet or UV Rays. Some people will tell us that the plexi-glass is not sufficient protection from UV Rays so they penetrate deeper and cause premature wrinkling of skin or even cancer. They would prefer the usage of sunless spray tanners available in stores, or really lather up with oodles of sun-tan solution and head out to an open beach.

The counter-point is that we are talking of obtaining a tanned look in off-season, like when it is pouring or snowing outdoors. The point is that the whole matter became a big issue when a medical report mentioned that sunscreen lotions and oils cause skin cancer, but not about the tanning process. And one actually need not apply the lotions or the bronzers to obtain a tan, whether indoor or outdoor. Let us face it, the sun is also good for the skin within restricted months, and the tanning salons are primarily meant to make you look good throughout the year. If we study the entire process of tanning, the end summary would be that a tanning salon is either as bad, or as good, as the natural sun. With questions on the limitation of the sun exposure that a body can actually take, we come back to ‘are tanning salons safe’.

To take the question ‘are tanning salons safe’ further, we will need to delve more on the safety within the confines of the salon rather than compare it with the outdoor sun exposure. Let us know that the average salon has variable facilities and booths that afford a good degree of privacy, with the option of lying down, standing, or even getting the desired tan in the buff. The range of solutions is vast and as the salon staff is familiar with the various skin-types, they usually assist in the selection. This is important as the right solution accelerates the tan while preventing any skin burn. Goggles in any salon are mandatory equipment as lengthy and regular exposure to the UV Rays can be harmful to the cornea. The main reason to conclude tanning salons as safe is that they follow a controlled procedure and provide proper supervision by professionals.
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