What is the weight limit on the tanning beds?

Tanning through tanning beds is gaining a lot of popularity. People do not mind spending extra dollar to get that sun kissed glow. However, it is very essential to get aware of all the factors which affect the use of these beds. One of the things or factor which may ring bells in the mind of the people may be that what is the weight limit on the tanning beds?

The answer to this question depends on the category and type of tanning beds which is used. There is large variety of tanning beds available and all the tanning salons use different type of the tanning bed according to their requirement. Generally, the weight limit of these tanning beds is 250-300 but it is advisable to get aware of the weight limit before you use these beds from the person running the tanning salons.

These beds use the sheets which are made of acrylics. So, the weight limit which it can hold really depends. If you are extremely over weight then before you use the tanning bed the salon owner will be more concerned about this question and he would be hesitant enough to make you sit on the bed. So, it all depends from salon to salon more over the general case is that the tanning beds can hold weight very easily. There is no exact weight limit of the tanning beds. It really depends upon salon to salon according to the bed they are using.

If you have an obese body it is very essential to confirm the weight factor from the salon owner otherwise you may not be able to relax while taking a nap in the tanning bed. Some of the salons use beds in which a person is supposed to lie down on the beds made of the acrylic sheets. Another category of beds are those in which a person stands to get the body tanned.

To get best results it is very essential that you use these beds in a very relaxed way. If you have any question in mind it is very essential to clear it before you lie on the tanning beds. The tanning bed operator will answer your all the questions and give you the exact justifications and explanation to the things which are in your mind. Therefore, to get the best result go for these beds and get that perfect look stop thinking too much and clear all your doubts.

Top 10 tanning lotion

When it comes to tanning, the best way is to use a tanning lotion. They are easy to use and less expensive. But there are so many tanning lotions in the market. Which one should you buy? Here are the 10 best tanning lotion in the market. There are plenty of choices it is upto you which one you wish to use.

The first one on the list is Most Absolute Dark 9000. Some of the main components for this lotion are vitamins C and E, which are excellent antioxidants. It also contains Protovanol as well as Tyrosine. This cream has special compound that helps to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Next in line is Diamond Strength Ultra Dark. Along with changing the color of the skin, it gives the skin an extra glow. Some of the ingredients in this cream are Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Kukui oil etc. all of these are natural essential oils that are beneficial for the skin. All these ingredients reduces the wrinkles, which makes this cream so popular.

Millennium Paint it Black adds a bronze glow to the skin. If you are looking for a touch of bronze ten this is the thing for you.

Fashion Princess has all the minerals that your skin needs. This dissolves in the skin very quickly, leaving soft and smooth skin.

Ultra Dark Black Intense is another lotion that gives a bronze tone to the skin. This is available in any beauty store. If you want a tan along with supple skin, then this is the right lotion for you.

Designer Skin Monarchy 7 is different from other creams because two of the main components are honey and milk. It is rich in protein enzymes. They reduce the age marks and keep the skin supple.

If you want to have a really dark tan then the right lotion for you is Supre Extreme Bronzed. This leaves your skin with a refreshed feeling.

Outlaw Red Hot Maxxx Tingle is rich in anti oxidants, bio-nutrients and vitamins. Try it out and see the difference in your skin and complexion.

Brown Sugar Brown Honey is the one lotion that contains fruit and honey extracts. This will give you an even and really dark tan. Both fruit and hone works wonders for the skin.

Last but not the least is Hoss Sauce Silver Strike. This is rich in hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is rich in omega oil as well as fatty acids. All these keep the skin well moisturized.

Now that you know about the best tanning lotion, now all you have to do is choose one for yourself.