Best way to get a dark tan

The tan look is really in; there is no doubt that it makes one look very sexy. Therefore, more and more people are going in for it and they try with various options to get this look. Some of the things which are very commonly used are tanning lotions, exposing the skin to the sun rays and one of the latest things is going to the tanning salon in order to get a controlled tan. But person really gets confused about which is the best, effective as well as the safest way of tanning.

There is no doubt that the sun rays are really harmful and only moderate exposure to sun is safe. Excess exposure can lead to harmful effects on the skin like blemishes, freckles and even diseases like skin cancer. So, when you want to get the dark tan from sun make sure that you use a good quality and high SPF sunscreen. This is because the sun rays emit harmful rays like UVA and UVB and the protection from these is must. Otherwise in the process of getting the tan from the sun you will end up harming the skin. Go in for tanning the skin for 1 – 2 hours only in the sun and do use sun tan lotion which has lot of moisturizer. This is the best way to get the dark tan.

Another thing which will give quick and effective result is to exfoliate the skin. The reason for this is that the dead skin which forms the upper layer of the face blocks the sun rays so if this skin is removed then you can get best results. The best tan is that which looks very natural so go in for tanning of whole of the body instead of concentrating just on the face otherwise the tan will give the artificial look. You should take lots and lots of water if you want to go in for sun tan as there is loss of water while exposing oneself to the lamps.

If you want to speed up the process of tanning then you can go in for tanning lotions. These lotions not only help to tan the skin but they are also good for the skin care in addition to this they are very good source of moisturizing the skin. The tanning lotions with L-Tyrosine and Unipertan are very good and they are the best way to get a dark tan. You can even opt for special lotions which are meant just for face as face take more time to tan as they tends to develop the resistance to sun rays because they are exposed more to the sun. These lotions help to speed up the tanning. After exposing the skin to sun it is a good option to apply the moisturizers which will nourish the skin. This will also give a very smooth finish to the skin.

For speeding up the tanning process the one thing which is becoming popular is going in for tanning pills. These pills show very quick results if they are taken on the daily basis. They are also good in order to make the skin healthy. These pills are responsible to increase the tanning effect by almost 40%. During sun exposure it is very important to wear the sunglasses in order to protect the eyes form the harmful rays. This is also a good way to get dark tan.

Another technique for tanning which is gaining more and more popularity is tanning through the tanning beds. These beds can be used at home also and also through the tanning salons which provide tanning under professional guidance. This technique is also the best way to get darker tan if safety precautions are followed. Many salons of this type have been opened in America and large numbers of people are going in for these. But make sure you use a sunscreen lotions and tanning lotion while using these tanning beds. The rays of these beds are also very harmful therefore it is better to wear sunglasses in order to protect the eyes from any harmful effect. But these beds show very good results and lead to best and dark tan. The only thing to be done is to be careful while using these.

Combination of all the above techniques of tanning in the right way can surely result in best way to get dark tan. Therefore, follow these techniques and acquire that amazing and desired tan look.
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