Will I Be Comfortable In A Tanning Salon

Will I be comfortable in a tanning salon? Let us first frame this question in other situations. Will I be comfortable sun-bathing on a beach? Am I comfortable under the hair-setter and dryer in a beauty parlor? The situation has been taken from a women’s perspective, as generally the males would gladly go where no man has gone before. And if the ladies respond with an affirmative, then the comfort level is best defined and determined by the individual. This is one place you can wear what you want to, or better, the less worn the better. Be comfortable. Relax. You are going to a place that will enhance your looks, and even the way people look at you.

At the same time, let us assure you that it is very natural to be a bit apprehensive about visiting a facility or utilizing the infrastructure for the very first time. And the apprehension is not just about being uncomfortable in a tanning salon, but also about the acceptance and response on your new look from those who are close. Once inside the facility and seeing the response of the clients or the friendly interaction of the staff, the anxiety level takes a drop. And when you see the happy indulgence with the tanning lotion, then a literal lay-back on the tanning bed, and finally the end result on earlier clients, you may consider kicking yourself for not having considered this option earlier or for just having shied away so long.

Once you have identified and chosen your comfortable tanning salon, there are some pointers that you should be cautious about and ensure their adherence within, by you or the concerned staff. Ensure and do inquire about the method of cleanliness and hygiene, as it is a mass utility public place. Ensure you are provided with a pair of special goggles that protect the eyes from UV Rays and that you have them on when being sprayed with UV Rays. Avoid all quick-tan methods by high exposure or maximum dose of UV light, and instead limit the exposure and break them up into time slots and day durations. If you have extreme sensitive skin, or on any long-term medication, or at that time you are not fit and well, or you have a medical condition like diabetes, asthma, lupus, or if the woman is pregnant, then in all these conditions do first talk to your physician before you check out the comfort level of the tanning salon you have so carefully selected.
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