What is Spraying Tanning

Tanning the natural way is by exposing the skin to sun rays that have harmful ultraviolet radiations that are responsible for the tanning of the skin.

Ultraviolet radiations are known to cause skin irritations and skin cancer because of which artificial tanning of the skin using lotions, gels, sprays etc has become more popular these days. There are different methods of artificial tanning of skin. Some of the most widely employed tanning procedures involve tanning using tan lotions, tanning using sprays, tanning using hormone replacement therapies etc.

Tanning is a procedure that is widely used in areas where the climate is cold or rainy throughout the year. Tanned look is something that’s helps to boost the morale of few people in the western countries. It is now gaining importance throughout and has become a fashion icon these days.

Spray tanning is considered to be the easiest and safest method of tanning since it does not involve exposure to ultraviolet radiations and still gives the desired effect of tanning without any troubles.

There are advantages of spray tanning when compared to other artificial tanning procedures like using a lotion etc, since when using a lotion care has to be taken that the lotion is applied evenly and uniformly so that you get the perfect tanned look. But in case of spray tanning, this becomes easier since application by spray is easier and more uniform when compared to other, methods that are employed for artificial tanning of the skin.

The other advantage of spray tanning over other tanning procedures is that spray tans dry quickly thereby it is a safe and time saving procedure when compared to other procedures that take more time of a person since the lotions and all has to get dried thoroughly before one wears the clothing. In case of a hurry where the individual would want to tan his skin and get dressed immediately the other types of tanning may fall aside because of the mentioned drawbacks.

There are professional tanning salons that do this kind of spray tanning to help individuals get the perfect desired tanned look without much inconvenience.

There is professional air brushing or spray tanning booths where they provide assistance when an individual undertakes spray tanning. The experts help individuals in getting the desired amount of tan and also help them by commenting on whether the tan is evenly applied or not. When it comes to areas like back which an individual may not feel comfortable to spray tan himself there comes the expertise, guidance and helps that helps you make your skin look even from top to bottom covering the back areas too.

It is very important to use a moisturizer before going for a spray tan since that would help the skin to retain its glow even after the tanning procedure is done and as a result the skin looks healthy and glows. Spray tans usually are retained till a week after which a second sitting is to be done if you feel that you need the tanned look for a longer time.

The additional advantage of spray tan is that it is a very safe procedure where the skin of an individual is not exposed to harmful radiations that are known to cause a variety of skin related ailments.

The procedure in tanning salons is very simple where you have to enter a dressing room kind of room and undress yourself. The hair has to be covered using a cap and then a button has to be pressed that would spray the tanning liquid evenly onto your body to get the desired result. The procedure in a professional salon ranges from 15-30 seconds. Imagine getting that longed tanned look in just few seconds! Once the front portion of the body is done the same has to be repeated for the backside so that you get an even tan at the back.

After the procedure just allow it to dry for few seconds and there you get the perfect tanned glow and look in just few minutes and you can get ready to go and bash any party or even to your office with a completely changed look to shock your colleagues.

So what are you waiting for?? Interested to get a perfect tanned look? Look out for tanning salons near to you and get your body the feel of a good, nourished and moisturized skin with a perfect tanned look and the glow that would last for a couple of days to a week.

Happy tanning!!!!
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