Tanning Bed Effects

Tanning Beds give you all the benefits of the sun. All over the country, people prefer to visit tanning salons where they begin to, within minutes, build a beautifully tanned body.
Actually indoor tanning was starting as a medical research by the Germans who were looking for a treatment for rickets and calcium deficiency. It was soon discovered that people lying in a tanning bed got tanned and the concept caught on. The early beds had many deficiencies and people began to develop skin ailments and even the deadly skin cancer. Manufacturers and scientists started changing the design and incorporating safety systems. Today tanning salons have state of art equipment which is modern, emits less harmful rays and has inbuilt timers and other safety devices. However, in the mind of the public, tanning beds got associated permanently with skin cancer.

The truth is that we have much safer beds now that emit less ultraviolet rays. In fact the new beds use long wave rays called UVA which are less harmful and do not give you skin burn. The ultraviolet rays are drastically reduced and this makes the bed safer.

Scientific research conducted recently has actually found that long sunny days and tanning beds stimulate the production of Vitamin D which is immensely beneficial to the human body. This vitamin is known to have anti cancer effects. A study was conducted on the elderly people who are prone to Vitamin D deficiency. They were given 15 to 20 minutes sessions thrice a week on tanning beds. They showed 50% increase in Vitamin D in their bodies. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious ailments like hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, influenza etc. Exposure to UVA rays actually works similarly to sunlight and helps the body create a natural supply of Vitamin D.

Tanning beds give the same benefits as sunlight which include the following:

1. Bone and mood related health,
2. Prevention of heart disease, strokes and multiple sclerosis
3. Exposure to UV light increase your metabolism and helps burn fat
4. Prevents Vitamin D deficiency.
5. Prevents cancers like prostrate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer
6. Prevents diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
7. It helps combat SAD or Season Affective Disorder

People, by and large, prefer to use tanning salons because they are convenient. Also in some countries and places, a clear sunny sky is a rarity. In these places, a tanning bed is ideal. Care, of course, has to be taken. Most beds emit at least 50% more UVA than natural sunlight and the person using the bed should apply some common sense in the duration and frequency of use.

It is a fact that these days tanning beds are used equally for health reasons as well as for acquiring a tan. Modern day tanning beds come with a built in timer and as a rule no one stays on a tanning bed for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. The most popular timing used on the beds is either ten or twelve minutes. Every responsible tanning salon recommends this timing since no one wants skin problems and damage to their eyes.

Most people who use these beds are people suffering from osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. There are patients who require phototherapy because they suffer from SAD or Season Affective Disorders where lack of sunlight depresses them. In view of this, some states have actually placed tanning salons under government regulations. Their employees are trained well and they guide you well.

The best thing to do would be to visit a reputable tanning salon if you require a tan for health or beauty reasons. Responsible salons will offer you protective shades for your eyes, a session to determine your health and beauty needs, an assessment of the depth of tan you can acquire, and also lotions that you need to apply before the tan and post session lotion to soothe your skin.

Some tanning bed safety tips

• Use proper lotion to prepare the skin before you take a tanning session
• Use goggles to protect your eyes
• After a tanning session, use a recommended lotion to soothe your skin
• Do not prolong your exposure to UVA rays.

Tanning is equally popular with men and women. Most people are very satisfied with their sessions because they look better and feel rejuvenated too. Of course there are risks associated with tanning beds, but these can be controlled by taking sensible steps and paying heed to the warnings.

Fake Tanning

Tanning is a procedure that involves use of ultra violet radiations to get an artificially darkened skin, which is known as a tanned skin. The most commonly used procedure for tanning is the sunbath, in which the body is exposed to heat of the sun and as a result of prolonged exposure, the skin by itself gets a tanned or darkened look. There are many disadvantages of this natural tanning by sun. Some of the major disadvantages are sunburns, dry scaly patches on skin, loss of moisture of the skin and sometimes lethal effects like skin cancers.

There are other artificial methods or fake tanning which is much more effective and safe when compared to natural sun tanning. This method is usually known as sunless tanning or artificial tanning or fake tanning. Fake tanning is now gaining much importance due to its benefits that excel the natural method of tanning.

The advantages of fake tanning over natural sun tanning are that for people who have very sensitive skin ultraviolet radiation exposure can be ruled out and certain chemicals which compared to ultraviolet radiations are better can be used to get the required amount of tan. Fake tanning basically involves use of certain chemicals on the skin that helps the individual to get the desired effect of tanned skin without ultraviolet exposure thus minimizing the risks of acquiring skin cancer. Also it is a known fact that during the ultraviolet treatment for acquiring a tanned look, individual pose a threat to their eyes since eyes are very sensitive to ultraviolet radiations and there are chances of developing eye complications like cataract etc which need surgical treatment to be corrected.

There are many chemicals that are used for effective fake tanning. The most widely used chemicals are dihydroxyacetone lotions and tyrosine lotions. There are different forms available that are easy to use at home like lotion form, gel form, sprays form etc. Each product comes with instructions as to how it has to be used to get maximum efficacy in terms of darker skin. Professional tanning specialists always suggest the use of fake tanning products onto dry and clean skin, so that any side reactions can be avoided. There are other instructions that have to be followed like once applied, till the product gets readily absorbed by the body, one must avoid bathing and swimming since that may wash off the tanning lotion and hence its efficacy may be reduced.

Professional salons having experts who specialize in fake tanning use different methods to give the desired artificial tanned look to the client’s using either brushes or kind of spray guns that help to apply the fake tanners onto the body with much ease and more uniformly.
In the above mentioned fake tanning lotions, dihydroxyacetone has been authorized and recognized for safe cosmetic use by the regulatory authorities like FDA. Usually dihydroxyacetone is used in combination with erythrulose for achieving a long lasting near to natural tanned effect.

Tyrosine based gels and lotions helps in faster tanning of the skin since it is believed that they help in the formation of melanin and thereby aid faster tanning when used in fake tanning.

Other than the chemicals used, there are certain other drugs that act as synthetic hormones that induces the production of a hormone called as melanotropin which is responsible for skin darkening.

Fake tanning also involves the use of temporary lotions available that aids in tanning of the skin on a temporary basis. One of the good example for the mentioned temporary fake tanning could be bronzers or bronzing lotions that come in the form of lotions, gels, powders, sprays etc which are easy to use and are for a single day purpose or to retain the fake tanning that has been achieved by using the above mentioned chemical tanning ingredients.

There are certain things to be remembered when using fake tanning lotions or sprays. There are areas on the body that have a relatively tough skin when compared to the other parts of the body like face, arms etc. Some of the tough areas on the body include elbows, knees, ankle etc. Depending on the amount of tanning required it is very essential to use any moisturizer onto the tough parts of the body before applying the fake tanners since direct application may give a patchy or cracky appearance which would spoil the fun of the entire tanned look of the body that is achieved by the individual.

So follow the instructions before you start a fake tanning procedure and enjoy a flawless tanned look same as the natural tan without having the risks of acquiring skin cancers or other ultraviolet radiations related problems.

Enjoy the summer with a cool tanned look!!

Indoor Tanning Tips

Indoor tanning tip #1.

Are you taking any medications for instance for blood pressure, antibiotics, or skin problems? These are a small sample of prescription meds that you should not be taking if you are using indoor tanning salon or outdoor tanning for that matter. Top quality tanning salons have a photosensitizing medication chart for you to refer to.

Indoor tanning tip #2.

To get the best dark tan results it is important to use a good indoor tanning lotion. Tanning lotions support your skin to absorb UV rays and allow the natural tanning process to occur. Key ingredients in tanning oils enhance melanin production, such as Tyrosine. Your skin will tend to dry out during tanning sessions so tanning lotions can keep your skin moist which allows your body to tan faster.

What causes tanning?

Tanning is the technique which is used to change the color of the skin and give it a different look. This look is very desirable among large number of people because it is believed that it gives a very sexy as well as smart look. Now a days many people are trying out with many things in order to get that tanned effect. It has been estimated that about 80% of the American below the age of 25 years go in for tanning their skin. It is very essential to be aware of the answer to the question “what causes tanning?” Remember that your skin is an important part of the body and any harm to it can have a very negative effect on your well being. Therefore, this makes it essential to take good care of the skin and avoid anything which harms the skin.

Tanning is done through various ways. It can be done by exposing the skin to the rays of the sun. Now days with the advancement of the technology many tanning salons have been opened. These tanning salons provide tanning through the tanning beds which emit the rays artificially. There are also other ways to tan the skin like applying the tanning lotions, tanning oils and even tanning pills can be taken to get the tanned effect on the skin. But it is very important to have knowledge about how these things work and cause tanning. The answer to the question “what causes tanning?” will make you aware of the various facts of tanning and it will give you an exact idea of what changes are going in your body during the process of tanning.

The most common way of tanning is through the exposure to the rays of the sun. These rays emit the ultraviolet rays. There are two main types of rays UVA and UVB rays. Among these rays UVA rays help to tan the skin by penetrating deep into the lower layer of the skin. The UVB rays cause sun burns by burning the upper layer that is the epidermis of the skin.

Basically, tanned skin is the proof of that your skin has been affected by the ultraviolet rays. The rays of the sun cause darkening of the skin by increasing the release of melanin in the cells of the skin. This melanin is produced by the cells known as melanocytes. The ultraviolet rays when comes in contact with the skin then they stimulate these cells which in turn leads to the formation of the brown pigment, melanin. Therefore, it is basically melanin which results in the brown color of the skin. The melanocytes also help to protect the skin from the sun by making even more melanin after the contact with the ultraviolet rays. Basically, the melanin acts like an umbrella for the cells of the skin and it also gives the sun kissed glow to the skin.

Tanning through the tanning beds is done through the same technique. The bulbs in the tanning beds emit ultraviolet rays and these rays lead to tanning in the same way as is caused by the exposure to the sun. The only difference is that in the tanning a bed tanning is done in the controlled environment and under professional guidance. The time of the exposure to the rays and the intensity of the rays are controlled in the tanning beds.
The tanning lotions, tanning oils and the tanning pills work on the principle of producing the coloring pigment, melanin.

After knowing what causes tanning you will get an idea what you are actually doing with your skin when you use various techniques to tan you skin. It is very essential to go in for safe tanning by using various precautions like applying the sunscreen and using goggles etc. Remember that well being of the body should be first priority and then an individual should go in for the looks. Though the ultra violet rays help to tan the body but over exposure to these rays can result in various skin problems as well as diseases. Therefore, think twice before you opt for any technique of tanning.

How to get a good tan?

Many people love to get their skin tanned but because of the side effects of tanning and lack of knowledge they fail to decide how to get a good tan. There is no doubt that a good tan makes the person look sexy and smart and in addition to it also imparts a thinner as well as healthier look to the person. Though there is no such thing as “safe tan” but people still go for it for one reason or another. It is very essential to follow the right rules and guidelines when you opt for tanning the skin.

Tanning can be done through exposure to the sun or through the use of tanning beds. If you want to get tan through the exposure to sun rays then you should follow some steps which will help you to get a good tan. One of the first things to be done is to exfoliate the skin with the help of a loofah and exfoliating wash. This will help to get rid of the dead skin and the new and fresh skin underneath will retain the tan in a better way. Then you should use a sun tan lotion which has SPF of around 8 or 10. Make sure that the sun tan lotion has a moisturizer in it. Macadamia nut oil or Aloe Vera is a good option as they keep the skin moist as well as prevent the sun burns.

The tanning through the sun will show best results if you choose that area which has maximum sunlight and where you are comfortable enough. The best place for tan is the beach. Do rotate your body and change the position so that the rays of the sun reach out to all the areas of the skin. Initially, you can go in for 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure and then 30 minutes after that. Washing the body with a good moisturizing soap after sitting in the sun rays will give you a good tan. Also use a good moisturizer to retain the tan for a longer period of time.

Sometimes because of the weather fluctuations it is very difficult to get a good tan from the sun. Therefore, people go in for tanning through the tanning beds. One of another reason for people going in for this technique of tanning is that the sun rays are very harmful and they have very harmful effect on the skin. In order to get a good tan and flaunt the tanned body in summer you should follow the following guidelines while using the tanning beds.
The first thing you need to do in this regard is to build a base tan and follow the tanning sessions in the tanning beds regularly. You may require about 6 to 8 sittings in the tanning beds however the number of sittings depends upon the skin tone. In order to enhance the effect of tanning you should go in for a tan accelerator which is specially designed for tanning through the tanning beds. This will also help to build as well as maintain the base. Do exfoliate the skin before sitting in the tanning bed this help you to achieve good tan.
After the tanning sessions go in for moisturizing the skin but avoid a moisturizer with a mineral oil as this will prevent you from getting a good tan. After the formation of base tan go in for tanning session 2 or 3 times per week. Switching between the low and high intensity bed is a good option. Even right diet can result in a good tan. Therefore, eat foodstuff rich in beta carotene and include foods like carrot, tomatoes, radish and broccolis etc in your diet. This will enhance the tanned effect and give the sun kissed glow to your skin. Also take care of your skin while tanning and never let it dry and you really need to take extra care of your face.

Another thing which will result in good tan is the right clothes. Wear minimum and comfortable clothes while getting your body tanned. Remember that only those areas will get tanned which will receive light. You can even go nude in a tanning bed as tanning in these beds is carried out in a private area.

Just follow the above rules and suggestions and you will surely get a good tan.

How To Tan Faster in a Tanning bed?

Getting a skin tan is the trend nowadays, because it really makes you look good and sexy. In olden times tanning happened naturally to people who worked outdoors for long hours under the sun, but today people with pale color skin are looking out for different ways and means to get that bronze look. Of course you can get yourself tanned by exposing yourself to the sun rays. People used to spend long hours in the beach to get the desired tan. But now studies have now proved that the ultra violet rays of the sun can cause harmful effects on your skin, and the most dangerous one being skin cancer.

So what are the other alternatives to get a sun tan? Get yourself tanned indoors! You can now get desired tan by various other ways like applying self tanning lotion, spray on tanners, by using tanning lamp, tanning bed and tanning booths. Tanning beds are now preferred by everybody, instead of exposure to the sun because, you can control the ultra violet rays you receive and control the amount of time and condition of tanning.

Using a tanning bed helps you get tanned in a faster way. And it is also fun. They are easy to use, come in many varieties and are very useful when you need to get yourself a tan on a winter day when there is no sun.

So if you are planning to go for special event and want to get tanned fast, a tanning bed will help you to get the tan you desire. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should take care of your skin before and after tanning. This not only helps to protect your skin, but also help you to get a faster and better tan.

Now let’s see how you get a tan faster in a tanning bed? Certain tips are given below:

The most important factor is exposure time which will be listed on the bed. Older models had a higher exposure time, but the newer models come with a lower maximum exposure time. This will help you to develop a faster tan than the older models.

Dead skins are difficult to tan. So the night before you are planning to use the tanning bed, you should take a shower and exfoliate your skin using a exfoliate scrub. This will help to remove the dead cells. Now your skin is ready to get tanned faster and more evenly.

Shave your legs before tanning, because if you shave later, you will be removing the tan.

Get your skin moisturized. This will help you to tan faster. Use moisturizer even after the session especially with vitamin E. This will protect your skin. Before using the tanning bed, apply a tan accelerator lotion also. This will quicken your tanning. You don’t have to use expensive lotion. Just remember to use something.

You have to lie in the right position while using a tanning bed so that your body gets evenly tanned. Don’t use the pillow in the tanning bed. Your chin will rest on your neck and the neck area will not get tanned properly. Or if you are using the pillow look up and expose your neck. If your tan is not even, it will not look good and it will look like a fake tan.

Don’t keep your arms and legs closed. The inside area won’t get tanned properly. So spread your arms and legs apart.

There are different models of tanning beds. Some have few bulbs, while some have more. Use a bed which has more lights. This will help you to achieve a darker tan faster. Always select a tanning bed that has newer bulbs instead of old bulbs. This will help you to get a tan faster in less time. Try and find a saloon that uses Hereaus tanning bed bulbs. They get you really dark fast.

Getting a beautiful tan from in the tanning bed makes you look beautiful, but that should not be at the risk of affecting your eyes and skin. So just follow the guidelines given above and you will get a gorgeous tan in less amount of time without affecting your skin.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go Tanning?

Getting that bronze look is what everybody is longing for. It makes you look beautiful, sexy and very attractive. And it is not a wonder that teenagers are looking out for various ways to get the golden color. Today most of the teenagers know that sun tan can cause skin cancer due to the effects of ultra violet rays. So they are all the more careful to protect their skin from the rays of the sun by applying sun screens. But in spite of this they want the tan to look good. But in spite of all this, more than 60 percent of the teenagers admitted to have got sunburned during the summer last year. As far as today’s teenagers are concerned, they would do anything to look good. If they know that tan makes them look good, they are ready to get tanned, skin disease or no.

Usually it is not right for children below the age, to go for tanning. A bill has been passed in many states of America that children below the age of 18, have to be accompanied by a parent and they are not allowed to use the tanning bed unless they have a doctor’s certificate. The doctors are very happy about this bill that has been passed, because they know the dangers of the effect of ultra violet rays on the skin. But the salon owners are not very happy with the passing of this bill, because it would affect and hurt their business. In fact in Texas any child under the age of 13 should produce a doctor’s certificate to go for tanning.

Some parents allow their daughters to tan after they attain 15 years of age. According to these parents, it is better to allow the child to go to a tanning salon, than get baked in the sun. Some parents have allowed their children to go for tanning only after they are 18.
Some parents are not able to know when their child had started tanning.

Teenager who goes for tanning should be matured enough to understand the details about tanning and should be ready for it. If you are too young you will find it very difficult to stand it. In fact a 13 year boy had to suffer burns after he went for tanning in a tanning booth.

Most salons have a minimum age requirement. They usually don’t allow anyone to tan below the age they have specified. Generally the minimum age is 18 years. Not only that, the salon owners knows that you won’t be allowed to be tanned unless you are 18 and have your parents permission. Anyway salon owners are limiting minor’s access into their salon as it is also lawfully wrong.

Anyway anybody below the age of 18 is advised not to go for tanning. The minimum age to go for tanning varies from state to state, although it is generally around 14 years of age. If you are between the ages of 14 to 18, you need your parent’s permission. But if you are above 18, you can go for tanning without your parent’s permission. Some states require that the parent should be present in the salon when the child is getting tanned, while some other states allow a written consent from the parent. But the salon owner should verify the consent document thoroughly and only then allow the teenager inside the salon. If he makes a mistake it is lawfully an offense.

Some salon owners recommend the teenager using the tanning bed to be at least 13 years of age. However they operate according to the policy of the state in which they are functioning.

Nearly 29 states in America have passed laws restricting teenagers from entering the tanning salons. Any way according to the present law, children below the age of 13, need to have a doctor’s consent to tan and any child above 15 should have their parents permission, and anyone above 18, can tan without the parents consent.

So it is best and safe and advisable that you go for a tan only after you are 18. Of course tanning is beautiful, but to become beautiful, you should not damage your skin.

How long should you wait To Shower After Tanning

Getting that bronze look, makes you look beautiful and sexy. There are many people who just love to get that golden tan. Of course the most popular way of tanning is the sun tan or the beach tan. This was very popular when tanning was a fashion in 1970’s. Expose yourself to the sun rays for some hours and you will get yourself tanned. Since too much of exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays can cause skin diseases, people are now looking out for other options.

There are various other options that are available for people who want to get a tan without exposing themselves to the sun rays. They are tanning lotions, creams or powders that give a temporary tan, Spray tanning booths where tan is applied to the skin by way of compressor or hairbrush, tanning accelerators containing tyrosine. Tanning pills containing cathanxanthin, which changes color of skin, tanning spray and tanning beds.

The one doubt that occurs in the minds of that most of the people who plan to get tanned is “how long should I wait to shower after tanning?” Normally we can say a few hours, but there are many different opinions. Anyway it depends on which method you are selecting to tan yourself.

If you have been exposing yourself for some hours under the sun, then you should have a shower right away. In this way you can remove the lotions and oil which you have applied on your skin. Since you will sweat due to the heat of the sun, there will be salt and perspiration deposited on your skin. A shower also helps to clean your skin. Don’t have a very hot shower. As soon as you dry yourself, make sure that you apply some moisturizer on your skin.

Some people think that you should wait for about two hours to shower after tanning in a tanning bed. Actually this is not true. After you use a tan bed, you can shower immediately. Now don’t worry that your tan will fade. The tanning bed tans the melanin underneath your skin. In other words it is in the pigment of your skin, not on the surface of your skin. So, showering just after your bed tanning will not fade your tan. If you are using a bronzer you might have to wait for 1-2 hours. Or the bronzer might get washed off, and you will not get the desired result. Some salon suggests you have to wait at least for about half an hour before you shower, after using the tanning bed.

Some people get easily tanned in summer, but they are very pale in winter. One option for such people to get a tanned look is to use a self tanner. There are many brands of self tanner to choose from. After using a self tanner, you should not shower immediately. You should wait at least 4-6 hours before you shower. Or you will risk washing away the tan.

In the case of using a spray tan, you will have to wait for about 4-6 hours. The color will continue to develop up to 24 hours after you use the spray. So the longer you wait to shower, the more color you will get. If you use a spray mist tan, wait for about 4 hours before you shower. If you wait accordingly, the stuff will stick on to your body properly and it will stay there for 5-6 days without fading, (even if you scrub). Apply rub on tan after you shower. But always apply moisturizer after you shower, especially on the dry parts of your body like elbows, feet and palms etc. because these dry parts will absorb the tan faster, making it look darker than the other parts.

After a hairbrush tanning, make sure you shower only after 8-12 hours. Use an alcohol free shower gel, because alcohol based products dries up your skin, and makes the tan fade faster. If you see the cosmetic bronzer getting washed off, don’t worry, it is normal.

Take it slow. Tanning does not happen overnight. It takes 6-8 sessions to get a tan Always drink plenty of water during tanning to avoid dehydration. So you can shower as soon as a sun tan, but wait for 4-6 hours after any other way of tanning, to achieve effective results.