What is proper tanning salon etiquette?

Why do we need to talk of poise, decorum, or etiquette while dining out? Simple. It’s a public place and some proper norms are required to be followed. Some of this applies to a salon too, as it definitely is a high frequented public place, and we will only reflect ourselves as wiser if we know the proper tanning salon etiquette.

But before we define the etiquettes here, let us know that most tanning salons do display prominently their own defined rules and regulation, or the dos and don’ts, which serve as some guideline for the patrons. It is always advisable to go through this list quite thoroughly, even on the first day when you have just gone to survey the place. At least, you are then more familiar with not just what you want, but also about what they expect from you. A good reading through those guidelines will tell a lot about the place, its services, the overall atmosphere, and the employee competency. When you top that up with a conducted tour after reading their guidelines, it helps identify to store most of those regulations in your own mind.

Now, a peek into what would be proper tanning salon etiquette from your perspective. The first thing that comes to mind is adherence of time. If the salon works on the system of advance booking, then ensure you are well before time and come with the initial preparation. There is no dress code in a tanning salon, so take advantage by coming in the minimum clothes to save time un-dressing and later dressing, and do definitely leave all your valuables behind. Women especially take a lot of time with their jewelry.

The moment your session is over, do clean-up a bit if you have made more than expected mess, even if there is an employee to handle the cleaning and disinfecting. It just gives a better impression about you, and then the staff too begins to talk positively about you amongst themselves. Their smile will tell it all. Most important, do get ready to move out quickly from the booth otherwise you would be holding up someone. If you hate to be kept waiting, so do the others. If you need to look presentable, skip the mirror in the booth which is there to help you check the level of your tan, and instead head for the washroom where you can take all the time you comfortably desire. Proper etiquette does place you on a different level, people-to-people.
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