How much does it cost to go tanning at a salon?

So, you want to know how much it cost’s to go tanning in a salon. Well, let us put this way. It is not exactly cheap. But again, there are salons that are plain practical, and then there are those that are real hi-fi glitzy. It all comes down to an individual’s budget. At the end of the session in either salon, you would have a tan. That much is guaranteed. .

Most tanning salons work on the ‘level’ system, and the higher levels cost more. But first, to give some example of the involved cost factor, a single session can cost as much as $7, excluding the cost of various lotions, and to get a decent looking tan, you would require at least 5 sessions. We are talking only of the UV Ray tan, though there is the cheaper option of the spray booth. It is advisable to take on a membership, which works both ways. The tanning salon is sure about your patronage, and you may be able to work out a package deal that best suits you. More the sessions you purchase in advance, cheaper is the cost per session. So if you book for five tanning bed sessions in advance, you may be required to pay only $25, excluding lotion cost. That’s a saving of $10.

To know how much it costs to go tanning in a salon, let us check some random examples to get an idea. ‘Membership’ requires filling the membership contract and consent, paying the one-time membership fees of maybe $30 and the one month advance for utility depending on the chosen ‘level’. To again cite an example, a Level-1 may cost $25 per month for just the tanning bed, a Level-2 may cost $40 per month which includes Reflector, Euro and Regular Beds, a Level-3 will cost around $50 per month and include Sfinx, Ellipse, Reflector, Euro and Regular Beds, and a Level-4 costing $100 per month will include High Pressure, Magic Tan, Sfinx, Ellipse, Reflector, Euro and Regular Beds. It all boils down to costs and the ‘works’

So, how much does it really cost to go tanning at a salon? The above example is only indicative, and the purpose is to explain the levels and related modus of costing. The real cost is best worked out by an individual on the need-to basis of facility utilization. If you feel Level-1 is too simple, and Level- 4 is way beyond your budget and facility need, then you may want to opt for Level-2.
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