How To Tan Faster in a Tanning bed?

Getting a skin tan is the trend nowadays, because it really makes you look good and sexy. In olden times tanning happened naturally to people who worked outdoors for long hours under the sun, but today people with pale color skin are looking out for different ways and means to get that bronze look. Of course you can get yourself tanned by exposing yourself to the sun rays. People used to spend long hours in the beach to get the desired tan. But now studies have now proved that the ultra violet rays of the sun can cause harmful effects on your skin, and the most dangerous one being skin cancer.

So what are the other alternatives to get a sun tan? Get yourself tanned indoors! You can now get desired tan by various other ways like applying self tanning lotion, spray on tanners, by using tanning lamp, tanning bed and tanning booths. Tanning beds are now preferred by everybody, instead of exposure to the sun because, you can control the ultra violet rays you receive and control the amount of time and condition of tanning.

Using a tanning bed helps you get tanned in a faster way. And it is also fun. They are easy to use, come in many varieties and are very useful when you need to get yourself a tan on a winter day when there is no sun.

So if you are planning to go for special event and want to get tanned fast, a tanning bed will help you to get the tan you desire. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should take care of your skin before and after tanning. This not only helps to protect your skin, but also help you to get a faster and better tan.

Now let’s see how you get a tan faster in a tanning bed? Certain tips are given below:

The most important factor is exposure time which will be listed on the bed. Older models had a higher exposure time, but the newer models come with a lower maximum exposure time. This will help you to develop a faster tan than the older models.

Dead skins are difficult to tan. So the night before you are planning to use the tanning bed, you should take a shower and exfoliate your skin using a exfoliate scrub. This will help to remove the dead cells. Now your skin is ready to get tanned faster and more evenly.

Shave your legs before tanning, because if you shave later, you will be removing the tan.

Get your skin moisturized. This will help you to tan faster. Use moisturizer even after the session especially with vitamin E. This will protect your skin. Before using the tanning bed, apply a tan accelerator lotion also. This will quicken your tanning. You don’t have to use expensive lotion. Just remember to use something.

You have to lie in the right position while using a tanning bed so that your body gets evenly tanned. Don’t use the pillow in the tanning bed. Your chin will rest on your neck and the neck area will not get tanned properly. Or if you are using the pillow look up and expose your neck. If your tan is not even, it will not look good and it will look like a fake tan.

Don’t keep your arms and legs closed. The inside area won’t get tanned properly. So spread your arms and legs apart.

There are different models of tanning beds. Some have few bulbs, while some have more. Use a bed which has more lights. This will help you to achieve a darker tan faster. Always select a tanning bed that has newer bulbs instead of old bulbs. This will help you to get a tan faster in less time. Try and find a saloon that uses Hereaus tanning bed bulbs. They get you really dark fast.

Getting a beautiful tan from in the tanning bed makes you look beautiful, but that should not be at the risk of affecting your eyes and skin. So just follow the guidelines given above and you will get a gorgeous tan in less amount of time without affecting your skin.
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