Can tanning beds cause heat rash

The beauty industry is all about the next new big thing. First it was the invention of makeup. Then came cosmetic surgery. And these days more are into tanning. Previously people had to depend on the good old sun for a tan. But not anymore. Thanks to science and technology you can get a tan by going to a tanning salon.

The tanning salons have tanning beds. All you have to do is lie on the tanning bed or stand and you get a cosmetic tan in a very short time.

The tanned skin may add the exotic beauty to your look, but the question is, are they safe? Many people complain that they have rashes and other skin irritation after having a cosmetic tan. That is not something unusual. Many times the skin can react to the tanning bed. Now I know all the salons and the companies that sell tanning beds will promise you zero side effect, but unfortunately that is not true. Both the sun as well and the tanning beds are equally dangerous and harmful. In most cases you might end up having a heat rash.

So what are heat rashes? They are red patches or bumps on the skin. This occurs due to cosmetic tanning. People might argue that your skin is too sensitive to undergo such a process, but the truth is, there is more than one reason behind heat rash due to using a tanning bed.

The first reason is, you could be allergic to the tanning bed, or the UV ray to be more specific. In this case it is better to wait and see if the condition improves or not.

Another common reason to have the heat rash is if the machine becomes too hot. If the machine is too hot then you will sweat more. If you are opting for a cosmetic tan then make sure that the salon has a good fan attached to the machine that will prevent the machine from getting too hot.

Tanning involves heat. This means there is a big chance of the skin becoming dry. Make sure you use a good moisturizing cream or lotion to keep the skin well hydrated.

Last but not the least; you need to know your skin type before you opt for a tan. If you have sensitive skin, then cosmetic tanning is a big no because then you might have more than just a heat rash.
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