Best Rated Tanning Lotions

If you want a natural tanned look without exposure to the sun, you need a definitely high quality tanning lotion. Tanning is a result of DNA damage in the presence of the sun's Ultra Violet rays. Its result is manifested in the form of dark skin tone due to an increase in melanin (brown color pigment) production and deepening of the already existing pigment, in the skin epidermis. You need to be prudent in choosing from one of the best-rated tanning lotions to avoid any possibility of side effects, health hazards, or patchy appearance. Therefore, what defines best rated tanning lotions. Following are some of their features:

• Enhancers and additional ingredients
Look for products with natural enhancers and skin nutrients, such as Vitamin E, herbal extracts, hempseed oil, or organic animal extracts. These essential ingredients help in replenishing and moisturizing your skin. This is an important attribute for tanning lotions, as the tanning process tends to dehydrate the skin largely.

• Accelerated tanning process
Some of the ‘skin tanning’ products have a proven ability of accelerating the process to as much as double the usual speed of indoor tanning. Apart from being a time saver, this attribute also helps in minimizing freckles.

• Bronzers
Bronzers are additional ingredients that work towards that glamorous bronze tinge to your skin. The commonly used agent in such products is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It is a safe substance, which eliminates the use of UV rays exposure for tanning. Often tanning products with DHA are used to enhance or supplement the effects of tanning beds, apart from being used alone. Commonly, these lotions combine DHA with agents that produce tingling sensation to create Hot Bronzers, or with menthol to create Cool Bronzers.

• UV ray protection
UV ray protection is measured in the terms of Sun Protection Factor or SPF. The higher the SPF, the greater protection provided. Specifically look for UVB protection along with UVA, as they are potentially more harmful. However, most of the tanning lotions do not provide UV protection.

You can do your individual research through print advertisements, magazines, and internet for your product. However, you should be aware of the fact that they are designed for regulated indoor tanning through beds or other equipments and are not fit for outdoor use. Therefore, it is imperative to check for SPF content in them, if you intend to use them outdoors. While selecting the ideal skin tanning lotion for you, it is always a better idea to consult an expert, such as a tanning professional, saloon owner, or a dermatologist.
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