Bronzing Tanning Beds

Everyone desires to have a golden skin, perfectly tanned. It looks healthy and attractive. Sadly not everyone has the time and money to tan at a beach all the time. This has led to the popularity of tanning salons. Tanning beds use specialized light bulbs that emit artificial sunlight which is a mix of UVA and UVB rays, which together help a person get tanned. There are varieties of tanning beds, some in which a person lies down, booths where one stands up to get tanned and the latest in tanning beds, the bronzer tanning bed.

The normal tanning beds have ten to fifty 100W to 200W tanning bulbs. These bulbs emit 95% UVA and 5% UVB rays. Bronzer tanning beds differ from regular beds. They have 35 to 60 bulbs of 160W to 220W that emit 98% UVA rays.

Bronzing tanning beds are much better that the usual tanning beds since the low level of UVB rays used in bronzing beds do not result in the skin turning red. This reduces the risk of sun burn and help the person achieve a longer lasting and dark tan.

However one has to consider the fact that bronzer tanning beds work slower than the regular beds. It takes a longer time to achieve a dark tan, even though it lasts much longer and does not fade away as fast as tan from regular beds. It is advised that you should first have a base tan before using a bronzing tanning bed.

People often confuse bronzer beds and bronzing bulbs with hot bulbs. Hot bulbs produce more UVB rays than bronzer beds, and produce tan much faster but the tan is lighter. To achieve the perfect bronze look, check with your tanning salon and ensure that you are using a proper bronzer tanning bed.

In case you have a bronzing tanning bed at home, you must ensure that you change the bulbs after 800-1000 hours of use. The bulbs have a longer life but stop emitting the amount of UV radiation that is necessary to produce a tan.
Bronzer tanning beds give you the perfect bronzed look that is attractive and creates an impact. Moreover since they do not emit much UV radiation, they are considered safe. This does not mean that one can use bronzer tanning beds without exercising some caution. Safety of tanning beds is still a hotly debated issue with some scientists insisting that they are harmful and can cause premature wrinkles and skin damage. Use all the precautions and never overdo the duration you spend on the tanning bed.
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