Indoor Tanning Salon Basics

So, the summer beach season is coming soon and you want the perfect tan. You can start sitting outside spending hour after hour hoping that the sun hits you just right for that balanced tan, or you head to the tanning salon. For those that want to chose the latter to make sure they have the perfect tan listed below are the basics you need to know before your first indoor tan.

Tanning beds use a similar wavelength of light to UV rays from the sun. The tanning bed rays over time change the pigment of your skin and you get the natural tan look you want.

The advantage of using a tanning bed is that you can get an even tan, and you can control how long and how often you expose your skin to rays. To get a sun tan outside takes more time and more exposure to UV rays from the sun. Every indoor tanning session is a measured amount of time you control to build a great looking tan.

Before your first tan at a salon you want two key pieces. First, you will want an excellent indoor tanning lotion to maximize your results. The second and very important item you will need is tanning bed goggles to protect your eyes from the light rays.

Tanning beds allow you to relax while you tan. You have already set a timer so you will know when it is time to be done. Outside you have to worry when it is time to turn and if shade is hitting part of your body that causes and uneven tan and tan lines.

When you get to the tanning salon talk to the staff about your skin type for the appropriate time length and interval for your tanning schedule. The staff will also support you with understanding the different UV outputs and UV strengths of different tanning beds.
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