Is sun tanning safe topless?

Many people around the globe are fond of tan. In the western world it has become a very popular thing. As a matter of fact in the western world a whole business has developed around this skin therapy. There are tanning parlors everywhere. Getting a tan by the help of a tanning bed is considered as one of the safest methods for tanning. But yet again more and more people prefer sun tanning.

Now the question is it safe to have a suntan without wearing a top? In this way it is possible for one to get a tan for the entire body -- form head to toe. That certainly is an advantage. But remember, there are pros and cons to this method of tanning. Because when you are undergoing a tan, then you are exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Whether it is the tanning bed or the sun, there is always some risk associated with that.

Not every part of our body is the same. Some parts of the body have sensitive skin. You have to be careful about those areas.

Men can go for a topless tan easily, that is not a problem for them. But women do not have that advantage. Thought the rays of the sun can provide you with a good amount of vitamin D and make your bones strong, but still there are some negative sides to it.

Here are some tips for the women who prefer topless tans.

By having a topless tan you are exposing the skin of your breast to the harmful rays of the sun. The skin on the breast is very delicate. Exposing this skin to the sun will make the skin rough. In that case you might start having age marks on the breast at an early age that will totally ruin the beauty of your breasts.

The second problem is even graver. There is a big chance of having breast cancer due to a topless tan.

If you really wish to get a topless tan then you have to take some precautions. First of all you need to use a good sunscreen lotion before going for the tan. Massage the lotion well on your breasts.

Do not stay under the sun for too long.

If you are having the tan at a parlor then reduce the timer on the tanning bed.

Follow these instructions and have a healthy topless tan.
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