Tanning beds tips and hints

With the advancement of technology there have been many innovations in all the fields. Today, if you want to get tanning done then you do not need to wait for the sun to come out and you need not expose your body to the sun rays for hours. The advanced technology has made tanning a very comfortable affair with the invention of the tanning beds. These beds offer tanning under professional guidance where the time and also the intensity of the rays can be controlled according to the requirement. You need to follow various tanning beds tips and hints if you want right and quick results.

The technology has advanced so fast that today various types of tanning beds are available which have their unique features. The innovative designs give better results. If you want to get best as well as safest tan then you need to follow some tanning beds tips and hints. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you should get tan on a consistent basis. The basic idea is to start to build up a good base tan and it will take about six to eight sittings depending upon your skin tone and type. When you are successful to build up a base tan then you need to continue tanning for about two times every week. You need to maintain and alter the tan look. You can switch between a low intensity bed and high intensity bed.

Then other tanning beds tips and hints include the use of accelerator and relaxation. The dry skin gets the tanned effect with great difficulty so such people can use accelerator which has a good moisturizer. It is true that it is nearly impossible to get the perfect tan therefore you just relax and enjoy whatever tan you have achieved. Another important tip related with the tanning beds is that when you achieve the base tan then you can maintain and even keep it better by including the diet rich in beta-carotene which includes lettuce, parsley, broccoli, radish, carrot, tomato etc. It is better to use soaps with good quantity of moisturizer in it.

One of the very important tips regarding the tanning beds is to protect the eyes. Covering the eyes will not solve the purpose you need to wear good quality goggles as these beds emit harmful rays which can cause eye pain or injury. Strictly avoid the contact lenses while going in for these beds. Then the next tanning bed tip is to decide the exposure time. You should go in for those beds which recommend lower exposure time. In this way with less exposure to the Ultraviolet rays you will get the desired tan. The lotions are very good options to enhance the effect of the tanning beds. These lotions help to absorb the rays of the tanning beds. Go in for those lotions which are labeled ‘accelerators’.

Another tanning bed tip is that these beds should not be used more than thrice a week as it can slow down the process of tanning. The rays of the tanning beds are like the rays of sun only therefore you need protection from them. You should wear a good quality sunscreen which has high SPF count in addition to the moisturizers. This is because the harmful rays of these beds can cause various skin problems as well as diseases.

The sun burns do not look good therefore you need to follow the following tanning bed tip. You can go in for tanning wearing your swim suit and in this way you will tan all the exposed areas of the body. The negative thing about this is that in this way you get lines which may be revealed when you wear certain type of clothes.

If you want to make your tanning sittings effective then you need to follow the above tanning bed tips and hints. Even very little ignorance can land you in a very serious problem. Therefore, you need to be very careful while using these beds and following the above hints and tips can really help you to achieve the desired and fashionable tanned look.
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