How long should you wait To Shower After Tanning

Getting that bronze look, makes you look beautiful and sexy. There are many people who just love to get that golden tan. Of course the most popular way of tanning is the sun tan or the beach tan. This was very popular when tanning was a fashion in 1970’s. Expose yourself to the sun rays for some hours and you will get yourself tanned. Since too much of exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays can cause skin diseases, people are now looking out for other options.

There are various other options that are available for people who want to get a tan without exposing themselves to the sun rays. They are tanning lotions, creams or powders that give a temporary tan, Spray tanning booths where tan is applied to the skin by way of compressor or hairbrush, tanning accelerators containing tyrosine. Tanning pills containing cathanxanthin, which changes color of skin, tanning spray and tanning beds.

The one doubt that occurs in the minds of that most of the people who plan to get tanned is “how long should I wait to shower after tanning?” Normally we can say a few hours, but there are many different opinions. Anyway it depends on which method you are selecting to tan yourself.

If you have been exposing yourself for some hours under the sun, then you should have a shower right away. In this way you can remove the lotions and oil which you have applied on your skin. Since you will sweat due to the heat of the sun, there will be salt and perspiration deposited on your skin. A shower also helps to clean your skin. Don’t have a very hot shower. As soon as you dry yourself, make sure that you apply some moisturizer on your skin.

Some people think that you should wait for about two hours to shower after tanning in a tanning bed. Actually this is not true. After you use a tan bed, you can shower immediately. Now don’t worry that your tan will fade. The tanning bed tans the melanin underneath your skin. In other words it is in the pigment of your skin, not on the surface of your skin. So, showering just after your bed tanning will not fade your tan. If you are using a bronzer you might have to wait for 1-2 hours. Or the bronzer might get washed off, and you will not get the desired result. Some salon suggests you have to wait at least for about half an hour before you shower, after using the tanning bed.

Some people get easily tanned in summer, but they are very pale in winter. One option for such people to get a tanned look is to use a self tanner. There are many brands of self tanner to choose from. After using a self tanner, you should not shower immediately. You should wait at least 4-6 hours before you shower. Or you will risk washing away the tan.

In the case of using a spray tan, you will have to wait for about 4-6 hours. The color will continue to develop up to 24 hours after you use the spray. So the longer you wait to shower, the more color you will get. If you use a spray mist tan, wait for about 4 hours before you shower. If you wait accordingly, the stuff will stick on to your body properly and it will stay there for 5-6 days without fading, (even if you scrub). Apply rub on tan after you shower. But always apply moisturizer after you shower, especially on the dry parts of your body like elbows, feet and palms etc. because these dry parts will absorb the tan faster, making it look darker than the other parts.

After a hairbrush tanning, make sure you shower only after 8-12 hours. Use an alcohol free shower gel, because alcohol based products dries up your skin, and makes the tan fade faster. If you see the cosmetic bronzer getting washed off, don’t worry, it is normal.

Take it slow. Tanning does not happen overnight. It takes 6-8 sessions to get a tan Always drink plenty of water during tanning to avoid dehydration. So you can shower as soon as a sun tan, but wait for 4-6 hours after any other way of tanning, to achieve effective results.
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