Tanning facts

The exposure is sun is considered healthy. But it is rightly said that everything in excess is very harmful. Similarly, more sun exposure can have a very harmful effect on the skin. It is very essential to be aware of the various affects about tanning only then you can take proper care of the skin and follow the right skin care routine.

The exposure to sun helps in the formation of Vitamin D which is also known as the sun shine vitamin. This vitamin is very essential to keep the bones healthy. Deficiency of the vitamin D can cause various problems and diseases and one of the diseases related to it is rickets. Therefore, exposure to the sun is very important. However, sun exposure results in tanning of the skin but the tanning in small amount is must as it protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Tanning helps to reduce the risk skin cancer and also diseases related to bones. But it is very essential to note that this implies only if there is moderate sun exposure.

If the exposure to the harmful rays of sun is in excess then it can have negative effect on the skin. One of the reasons for this is that sun rays emit UV rays which are very damaging for the skin. That is why doctors suggest using a sunscreen in order to protect the skin from the sun rays. In order to get the tanning done properly and control its effect nowadays many tanning salons have been opened. Many people are getting attracted to these salons. But it is very important to be aware of the tanning facts before actually going in for tanning beds. These tanning beds whether you use a commercial one or the one at home, work on the same principle. Though these beds are available in variety of models they show almost the same results. The bulbs of the tanning beds have wattage which range from 100-160 and their number range from 24-46.

If a person wants to use the tan bed then he needs to lie down on the bed which is with Plexiglas. The whole body is covered under a cover. The bed operates in such a way that the light hits from above as well as below the Plexiglas cover. The amount of the radiation is according to the power of the bed, the number of bulbs and it also depends upon the skin type of the individual. But you really need to be aware of the fact that it is not necessary that these rays are safe. Generally these beds emit UV rays which are very damaging. You can even set the time for the exposure to the radiations. The equipment switches off automatically if there is malfunctioning or an emergency.

The maintenance of the machine is very essential to ensure its proper functioning. For example the lamps need to be changed regularly. Then it is very imperative to clean the machine properly in order to increase the efficiency of the bed. You also need to check the fans. There should be not even a single scratch on the acrylic sheet.

Recent times has seen increased rush at the tanning booth but before going in for it make sure that there is no such thing as “safe tan”. The UV rays of tanning bed are as harmful as the rays of the sun. Don’t think that tanning from the bed will help you tan the skin safely. Make sure you use a sunscreen lotion while getting into the tanning bed. The sunscreens with “the broad spectrum” are very effective so you can go in for these.

Another fact about tanning is that it may lead to a reaction and have an adverse effect on the skin so you really need to be cautious. As a precautionary measure you should go in for wearing special goggles in order to protect the eyes from the harmful rays. Closing or covering the eyes will not solve the purpose.

The above tanning facts will give you a very good view about the effects of tanning. Therefore, keep these facts in mind before opting for anything of this sort.
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