How does tanning oil work

Tanning has become very desirable these days. People try out with various things to get the sexy tanned look. In order to intensify the effect of tanning and achieve a good tan it is very essential to use tanning oils. One may wonder “How does a tanning oil work?” the answer to this question will make you aware of the various facts of tanning. These oils are every effective and are must for the perfect tan.

There are number of tanning oils are available in the market. These oils work in number of ways depending upon the brand of the oil. One type of oils is that which has melanin as the principle ingredient. They give the tan look to the face by producing extra melanin. Another technique used by these tanning oils is to bring the higher level of melanin to the upper layer of the skin. This is done by increasing the flow of blood. It is very essential to understand how tanning oils work because this will give you as exact idea how important these oils are for your skin.

The skin has two layers the first one is the outer layer called the epidermis and the inner layer is the dermis. The dermis consists of sweat glands, nerve endings and hair follicles. The epidermis does not have any direct blood supply. Epidermis has many layers and the deepest layer of it is called stratum basale. This deepest layer is affected during the sun tanning process. The tanning oils and lotions are also called sun less tanning techniques. These lotions and oils affect the stratum corneum which is the outer most layer of the epidermis.

The tanning oils which are very effective have dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the key ingredient. It is basically a colorless sugar. This DHA is responsible for the darkening effect of the skin. The DHA does this by interacting with the dead cells of the outer layer of the epidermis and leads to the chemical reaction which results in the changes in the color of the skin. The effect of these oils remains for about 7 days, the reason for this is that the dead skin is eliminated naturally and the new skin is developed after every 35 to 45 days. The skin colored by the DHA, wears away because of the natural process of the renewal of the skin. Therefore you need to apply these tanning oils on the regular basis for even as well as long term tan.

Even other forms of sunless tanning like lotions, sprays, gels, bronzers as well as the tanning pills work on the principle of the tanning oils only. All these things color the outermost layer of the epidermis. But the tanning pills are supposed to be very dangerous as they cause various side effects. The easiest thing is to use a bronzer but this gives a temporary form of tanning. It is can be easily washed and cleaned like make up.

These tanning oils can also be used in order to enhance the effect of tanning which is done through the tanning beds. Special tanning oils are available which are meant for the use in tanning beds only. Then you also get those tanning oil which can be used to enhance the effect of tanning which is done through the exposure to the sun rays. Therefore, these oils are very beneficial. You should apply them liberally before you expose your body to the rays of the tanning bed or the sun rays. However, these oils should be used on regular basis if you desire to get long-term and even tan. This is a very good technique to obtain a sun less tan. It gives a very natural sun kissed glow to the skin; make sure you cover all the areas of the skin when you opt for tanning through these oils. If you miss out certain areas then it will give very artificial and uneven look.

There is no doubt that these oils are very effective therefore one should use these oils following the right guideline in order to see the desired changes in your skin.
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