What do I wear in a tanning bed

The tanned look has become must for the sexy and smart glow. So, many people go in for tanning. There are many techniques of tanning; it can be done through the exposure to the sun rays, through the tanning beds and also through the tanning lotions which are widely available these days. The tanning through the exposure to the sun rays is believed to cause various skin problems as well as skin diseases. So, lots of people are turning to the tanning beds to achieve this tanned look. . If you are using the tanning beds for the first time then many questions may arise in your mind. One of the first question may be “what do I wear in a tanning bed?”

If you choose the tanning salons for tanning then you need to keep various things in mind for safe and good tan. The first thing you need to do is to wear the right clothes while lying in the tanning bed. Remember, that only the exposed areas of the body get tanned. Therefore, you should be very careful about what you wear when you sit in the tanning bed. Tanning beds consists of bulbs which reflect rays which help in tanning the body. It is very essential to wear the proper clothes in the tanning bed as the proper effect of tanning depends upon the clothes you wear. You can also go nude in a tanning bed if you are comfortable with it. This way the rays of the bulb can reach out to all the areas of the body. Moreover, the tanning through the tanning beds is done in private therefore you can easily opt for that.

But there are people who are very reluctant to do so. Therefore, they really think hard on the question “what do I wear in a tanning bed?” such people can go in for wearing a bathing suit. Even tube top and underwear will solve the purpose. But make sure that you wear as little as possible. Make sure that the tanning bed is cleaned after each use. If you are going to the tanning salon as you are planning a holiday then it is better to wear that bathing suit which you will take along with you on the holiday. In this way you can have a perfect tan according to your requirement.

If you want to track the difference and see how much you have tanned then you can keep very little area covered in order to compare and see the difference. You can even wear a bra and a panties as the skin of these areas is sensitive and can result in burning.

It is very sensible thing to decide before hand what will you wear in the tanning bed in order to avoid last minute confusion when you reach the tanning salon. You should also keep in mind the requirement when you decide what to wear in a tanning bed. Another factor to be kept in mind is that tanning salons do not give much time to prepare before and after tanning session, therefore go in for those clothes which you can wear and take out quickly and comfortably. Also keep the comfort factor in mind. Choose those clothes which are comfortable enough. Wearing tight clothes can make you feel really uncomfortable in the tanning bed so you should avoid these types of clothes while tanning.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that you need to wear good quality goggles in order to protect your eye. The reason for this is that the rays of the tanning beds are very harmful and if the eyes are not protected from these rays then the result can be eye damage including the retina, cornea and the outcome of this can be cataract also. In addition to it you also need to wear a tanning lotion. This will help you give even tan and also protect the skin from burning. There is wide range of tanning lotions available in the market you should make a choice according to your need and requirement. These lotions will give you good as well as safe tan.
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