How Old Do You Have To Be To Go Tanning?

Getting that bronze look is what everybody is longing for. It makes you look beautiful, sexy and very attractive. And it is not a wonder that teenagers are looking out for various ways to get the golden color. Today most of the teenagers know that sun tan can cause skin cancer due to the effects of ultra violet rays. So they are all the more careful to protect their skin from the rays of the sun by applying sun screens. But in spite of this they want the tan to look good. But in spite of all this, more than 60 percent of the teenagers admitted to have got sunburned during the summer last year. As far as today’s teenagers are concerned, they would do anything to look good. If they know that tan makes them look good, they are ready to get tanned, skin disease or no.

Usually it is not right for children below the age, to go for tanning. A bill has been passed in many states of America that children below the age of 18, have to be accompanied by a parent and they are not allowed to use the tanning bed unless they have a doctor’s certificate. The doctors are very happy about this bill that has been passed, because they know the dangers of the effect of ultra violet rays on the skin. But the salon owners are not very happy with the passing of this bill, because it would affect and hurt their business. In fact in Texas any child under the age of 13 should produce a doctor’s certificate to go for tanning.

Some parents allow their daughters to tan after they attain 15 years of age. According to these parents, it is better to allow the child to go to a tanning salon, than get baked in the sun. Some parents have allowed their children to go for tanning only after they are 18.
Some parents are not able to know when their child had started tanning.

Teenager who goes for tanning should be matured enough to understand the details about tanning and should be ready for it. If you are too young you will find it very difficult to stand it. In fact a 13 year boy had to suffer burns after he went for tanning in a tanning booth.

Most salons have a minimum age requirement. They usually don’t allow anyone to tan below the age they have specified. Generally the minimum age is 18 years. Not only that, the salon owners knows that you won’t be allowed to be tanned unless you are 18 and have your parents permission. Anyway salon owners are limiting minor’s access into their salon as it is also lawfully wrong.

Anyway anybody below the age of 18 is advised not to go for tanning. The minimum age to go for tanning varies from state to state, although it is generally around 14 years of age. If you are between the ages of 14 to 18, you need your parent’s permission. But if you are above 18, you can go for tanning without your parent’s permission. Some states require that the parent should be present in the salon when the child is getting tanned, while some other states allow a written consent from the parent. But the salon owner should verify the consent document thoroughly and only then allow the teenager inside the salon. If he makes a mistake it is lawfully an offense.

Some salon owners recommend the teenager using the tanning bed to be at least 13 years of age. However they operate according to the policy of the state in which they are functioning.

Nearly 29 states in America have passed laws restricting teenagers from entering the tanning salons. Any way according to the present law, children below the age of 13, need to have a doctor’s consent to tan and any child above 15 should have their parents permission, and anyone above 18, can tan without the parents consent.

So it is best and safe and advisable that you go for a tan only after you are 18. Of course tanning is beautiful, but to become beautiful, you should not damage your skin.
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