What causes tanning?

Tanning is the technique which is used to change the color of the skin and give it a different look. This look is very desirable among large number of people because it is believed that it gives a very sexy as well as smart look. Now a days many people are trying out with many things in order to get that tanned effect. It has been estimated that about 80% of the American below the age of 25 years go in for tanning their skin. It is very essential to be aware of the answer to the question “what causes tanning?” Remember that your skin is an important part of the body and any harm to it can have a very negative effect on your well being. Therefore, this makes it essential to take good care of the skin and avoid anything which harms the skin.

Tanning is done through various ways. It can be done by exposing the skin to the rays of the sun. Now days with the advancement of the technology many tanning salons have been opened. These tanning salons provide tanning through the tanning beds which emit the rays artificially. There are also other ways to tan the skin like applying the tanning lotions, tanning oils and even tanning pills can be taken to get the tanned effect on the skin. But it is very important to have knowledge about how these things work and cause tanning. The answer to the question “what causes tanning?” will make you aware of the various facts of tanning and it will give you an exact idea of what changes are going in your body during the process of tanning.

The most common way of tanning is through the exposure to the rays of the sun. These rays emit the ultraviolet rays. There are two main types of rays UVA and UVB rays. Among these rays UVA rays help to tan the skin by penetrating deep into the lower layer of the skin. The UVB rays cause sun burns by burning the upper layer that is the epidermis of the skin.

Basically, tanned skin is the proof of that your skin has been affected by the ultraviolet rays. The rays of the sun cause darkening of the skin by increasing the release of melanin in the cells of the skin. This melanin is produced by the cells known as melanocytes. The ultraviolet rays when comes in contact with the skin then they stimulate these cells which in turn leads to the formation of the brown pigment, melanin. Therefore, it is basically melanin which results in the brown color of the skin. The melanocytes also help to protect the skin from the sun by making even more melanin after the contact with the ultraviolet rays. Basically, the melanin acts like an umbrella for the cells of the skin and it also gives the sun kissed glow to the skin.

Tanning through the tanning beds is done through the same technique. The bulbs in the tanning beds emit ultraviolet rays and these rays lead to tanning in the same way as is caused by the exposure to the sun. The only difference is that in the tanning a bed tanning is done in the controlled environment and under professional guidance. The time of the exposure to the rays and the intensity of the rays are controlled in the tanning beds.
The tanning lotions, tanning oils and the tanning pills work on the principle of producing the coloring pigment, melanin.

After knowing what causes tanning you will get an idea what you are actually doing with your skin when you use various techniques to tan you skin. It is very essential to go in for safe tanning by using various precautions like applying the sunscreen and using goggles etc. Remember that well being of the body should be first priority and then an individual should go in for the looks. Though the ultra violet rays help to tan the body but over exposure to these rays can result in various skin problems as well as diseases. Therefore, think twice before you opt for any technique of tanning.
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